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How much does epi-pen cost?

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By Starshyne on Sun, 03-19-06, 03:30

Hi...you all are going to yell and throw things at me for this. I have a PA which could be life threatening. I haven't had a reaction for a long time (8-9 years) and haven't had an epi-pen for a very long time. There weren't epi-pens when I was a child and I honestly am afraid to use one on myself. But after reading all of these posts tonight, I have decided I need to get another perscription for one.

My question is, how much does it cost for an epi-pen?



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By gvmom on Sun, 03-19-06, 03:34

If you have health insurance, it might be fully covered. I know we don't pay anything for the ones for our boys. If you might have to pay out of pocket I've heard they run somewhere around $80. You could probably call your local pharmacy and ask them.

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By Adele on Sun, 03-19-06, 04:00

Glad to hear you're going to be carrying epi!

I asked at Sam's Club Pharmacy two or three days ago.
Without insurance, the cost of a dual pack epi-pen is about $110.

If it's been awhile since you've had an epi-pen, it's recommended that you carry two. When I bought my epi a year ago, I paid $88 but the price was for the pack of two and included a small pharmacy insurance discount.

Edited to add: When you buy your epi, ask the pharmacist check the date on it. You should have at least a year before it expires.

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By dgood on Mon, 03-20-06, 00:16

Definitely check to see what your mail order plan entails. We found we can get a 3 month supply (could actually get 3 Epi Pens or 3 Double packs depending on what your doctor prescribes for the mail order price (ours is $60). So I get 6 pens for $60. I then keep 2 in my emergency bag that goes everywhere with my daughter, give my mom (babysits weekly) two and keep another two in the kitchen.

Many people go straight to the pharmacy and never even how what their mail order progam works.

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By Adele on Mon, 03-20-06, 00:20

What is a mail order plan? Is this part of your insurance coverage?
Thanks, Adele

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By Momcat on Mon, 03-20-06, 02:36

You can get a $5 rebate on EpiPen at [url="http://www.dey.com"]http://www.dey.com[/url]

I think this link goes to the FAQ. Scroll down for the rebate link.



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By Lindajo on Mon, 03-20-06, 14:20

I agree with Adele. To pay out-of-pocket would be about $110 each. However, some insurance plans are very good. We can get 6 as prescribed for a $10 copay. And always check the expiration dates before you actually pay for them. They should be at least a year to 15 months out. I do not accept them if they are less than a year of expiration.

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By saknjmom on Mon, 03-20-06, 17:50

Your insurance should cover & you pay normal copay like you do for any other prescription. Ask your doctor to prescribe the twin pack & you will get two plus an epi pen trainer.
same concept as you pay for one prescription of antibiotics whether it calls for 2 weeks 2x a day or 1x a day. YKWIM?
Glad you're going to start carrying one. could save your life when you least expect it!

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By dgood on Mon, 03-20-06, 18:08

We have Express Scripts through Capital Blue Cross. There is a mail order plan through the prescription portion. I know many prescription plans do offer mail order programs for ongoing medications. Plans will vary.

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By Starshyne on Wed, 03-22-06, 23:23

Thanks for the help! I am going to the doc. on April 4th for a check up, so I am going to ask her then for an epi-pen perscription. My next task will be to get a larger purse to carry it in...


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By Timmysmom on Tue, 04-04-06, 16:17

I wanted to add that many prescription plans don't cover Epi-Pens. We found out that ours didn't didn't, then through our doctor we found out that it is covered under our major medical plan through their Specialy Pharmacy. We twice paid out-of-pocket for it ($110 for a twin pack, going back 3 years ago). We have Aetna as our insurance company. When I called Aetna, I got the phone and fax number of their Specialty Pharmacy, had our doctor fax the script in. We had it delivered to our house in 2 days, and we didn't even have to pay a co-payment! Check with your insurance so there are no surprises at the pharmacy counter.

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By ebonycerise on Tue, 04-09-13, 13:36

THe pharmacy told me that my epipen is $245 WITH INSURANCE! I cannot afford that, therefore, I won't have an epipen. THere has to be a better way

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