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How many PA avoid all legumes?

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By meadow on Mon, 05-16-05, 00:28

I'm curious how many of you with PA or kids with PA avoid all legumes. We do not avoid all legumes - just the items to which dd is allergic. I know someone who does this because her doctor told her her son has a better chance of outgrowing his PA.

Have those of you who avoid all legumes seen a decrease in test scores?

I plan on asking our allergist about this next month.

Thanks for any insight you can provide!

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By on Mon, 05-16-05, 02:50

meadow, my son will not be in the 20% to outgrow his PA so that has never entered into my mind when considering whether to avoid all other legumes or not. That's why I'm not clear if my answer is any good to you or not.

We don't avoid any other legumes at all because of my son's PA. Now, if he suddenly says he doesn't care for something that he previously ate, like kidney beans, because it's a legume, I'm like more okay, you don't have to eat it, just thinking that perhaps he has a sense about the food that I don't have. KWIM?

But no, we don't avoid any other legumes whatsoever because of his PA.

Best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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By michaelsmom on Mon, 05-16-05, 16:12

My son was diagnosed with PA at age 1. We did not avoid other legumes. In fact, at that time, fruits and veggies (including beans and peas) made up most of his diet. He is now 6 (btw - eating habits not nearly as healthy as when he was 1) and was just diagnosed with a soy, pea and bean allergy. He can eat these in moderation but can't eat a great deal of them or he will react. While I am very disappointed that he has developed these additional allergies, in hindsight, I would not have changed a thing.

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By Suzy Q on Mon, 05-16-05, 18:31

We avoid most legumes right now. My DS only eats green beans and some soy flour in bread. I don't avoid soybean oil or soy lecithin.

He was recently tested again and did not show any allergy to peas and he did eat some legumes before we discovered his peanut allergy. He is almost 4 and allergist thought it was ok to give him other legumes in moderation since he does not appear to be developing other allergies at this time. I don't want to cut out the soy completely in hopes that he won't develop an allergy to it.

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By NutsBugMe on Mon, 05-16-05, 19:10

I eat a lot of peas and green beans. Always have. I love them. (I'm in my 40's now.)

Terri in the USA

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By Darkmage on Mon, 05-16-05, 20:31

My PA son eats peas and green beans all the time. We were not told to avoid them. We also have baked beans quite often, and sometimes we can get him to eat the kidney beans out of the chili. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

[i][b]Peanut Slayer[/b][/i]

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By Sandra Y on Mon, 05-16-05, 22:28

We do not avoid legumes.

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By Cliok on Mon, 05-23-05, 11:50

We have to avoid most legumes because we discovered that DD was allergic to quite a few of them early on as we would have eaten a lot of lentils, chick peas and stuff like that before we found out about the allergies - also we discovered just recently that she's allergic to peas too. However, she has eaten butter beans and kidney beans with no reaction whatsoever which I find kind of strange.

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By julieneaman on Mon, 05-23-05, 18:27

We do not avoid. In fact, ds loves beans of all types. His favorite is 3 bean chilli. In the first year of diagnosis we didn't know any better. Then, 1 time he ate beans & we thought he had a mild skin reaction. Had him tested for peas, kidney, & black beans & were neg.


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By ryan's mom on Tue, 05-24-05, 10:57

We have avoided, but I recently let Ryan try black beans and green peas. No problems, but he doesn't particularly care for them either. So at this point, I simply ask him if he wants peas at dinnertime or black beans in his chili. It's almost always a no.

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By Rach on Tue, 05-24-05, 13:45

I eat pretty much all legumes and a lot of them because it's easy to make when I'm busy. I don't think there's anything "allergy-wise" behind it, but I really don't like black eyed beans, they make me feel quite sick. Think that's best put down to preference though!

Take care

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By williamsmummy on Tue, 05-24-05, 16:24

william is allergic to peanut, and beans, which include chick peas, kidney beans , baked beans.
He can eat other foods within the legume family, peas, split peas , lentils , green beans, all without trouble now age 9.
When younger would have unexplained tummy ache , which cleared up after removal of those foods.


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By iansmom on Wed, 05-25-05, 02:27

I have to admit to being inconsistent with regard to this. I started out with total avoidance of all legumes for PA DS, but at the time, he was also allergic to soy, so it made more sense. He outgrew the soy allergy, but it took quite a while before I was comfortable reintroducing any soy to his diet. We still avoid big soy products like tofu, but don't worry about things like soy flour in bread. He eats kidney beans, black beans, and lima beans (loves them!), but I'm still wary of garbanzos/chickpeas and lentils for some odd reason.

I'm still skittish about seeds, too. I'm just starting to loosen up about sesame seeds on hamburger buns, but can't bring myself to use tahini. Can't quite bring myself to give him poppyseeds or sunflower seeds, though we're growing a sunflower in our garden this year for the birds.

When I grow up, I'll try to be consistent. Yeah, right. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/rolleyes.gif[/img]

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By samsmommy99 on Wed, 06-08-05, 01:01

I chose to get my son tested for things before I actually kept them out of his diet for good, luckily, he can handle all legumes, including lupine, which is known to cause the same reaction as peanut in 45% of PA persons, so I got lucky. He isn't allergic to any other nuts, but is autistic, and has a gluten/ wheat allergy, and just recently tested + for a soy allergy as well.

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By jen96ttu on Mon, 07-11-05, 16:05

2 yr old DS is allergic to peanuts and peas. Only found out about the peanut on a blood test, becasue he was getting sick a lot and I finally took him to an allergist. He is too young to test for asthma, but we are treating him as asthmatic - nebulizer treatments etc. He has always loved pea, but I noticed he was getting nasty BMs whenever he ate them. I suspected an alergy when one day at daycare he threw up after eating vegetable soup. I made sure to ask if it contained peas and sure enough... Now I keep peas and nuts out of his diet, but I will let hinm try other legumes. I keep EpiPen just in case but have not yet had to use it. Thank goodness.

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By expatCanuck on Sat, 01-19-13, 14:47

Old (but still relevant) thread.

Our 16-year-old is severely allergic (i.e. - EpiPen, hospital) to peanuts, and has significant allergies to peas, chick peas, some (tho' not all) nuts, and kiwi fruit.

But he'll happily down a side of black beans alongside his tacos.

Not surprisingly, we eat a fair bit of Japanese, Italian & Mediterranean cuisine.

FWIW, my youngest sister is also peanut allergic but, happily, her allergy is pretty much confined to peanuts.

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