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How long do hives last?

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By seaside on Thu, 08-21-08, 18:31

I was just wondering how long hives last? My daughter who did not have any food allergy's developed an allergy to Blackberrys at the begining of summer. Her tongue was tingling. We had her skin tested and sure enough she is allergic. Last week she was eating a jelly sandwich, and within 5 minutes of finishing lunch she got 2 large hives on her face, and 1 on her neck. She had no other symptons. The jelly was grape and it was make with Concord Grapes.

Her brother has many food allergies. He is on so much allergy medicine, that he does not get hives, he goes right into his throat closing every time. So hives our new for us.

O.k., so after she broke out in hives, my husband insisted that it was poison oak. She had been exposed to it the day before. I guess it takes a day for it to show up. I said to him why did it happen right after she ate lunch. So fast forward a couple of days and my mom sees the hives which did not go away with benadril, and she says that it also lookes like poison oak. Toaday has been 6 days and you can still see where the hives were althouth they are much smaller and not as red. They do have little cuts in the center where they were. Does that make sense. I do not think hives leaves cuts, but she could have scratched them. She is 9.

What do you think? I am thinking about giving her some grape jelly to test her but want to wait until the hives are completly gone. I'm not sure what a Concord Grape is, but I am thinking that maybe they are dark purple, and she is going to be allergic to anything that color. Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts.


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By cristym on Thu, 08-21-08, 22:29

Everytime we have had hives they have started to fade as quickly as a 20 minutes the longest we have had them is about 6 hours. I am not sure what is typical though.

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By mpeters on Fri, 08-22-08, 13:13

We have seen them last anywhere from an hour to four days, but I beleive they can last a week.

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By Mrsdocrse on Fri, 08-22-08, 13:24

Hi There..
Typically, Hives lasts 20 minutes to an hour or so... ( evertime we have had them) The Benadryl helps them to receed. But if it is poisen oak the benadryl will take care of the itch but not the hives. However when we found out he was allergic to amoxicillan it took a week for the hives to come out and they lasted over night.

Poisen oak usually has some liquid in them and they crust over... I would call your Dr and have him take a look. sounds like something other than food allergy.

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By hollys2funboys on Fri, 08-22-08, 19:12

I broke out into hives last summer (all over my body) and they lasted several days.

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By LMT on Tue, 08-26-08, 01:43

My PA daughter developed hives when we discovered she was allergic to penicillin. The hives would come and go all day long for 3 weeks! She was taking benedryl and zyrtec daily per the allergist. If they didn't stop occuring after the 3rd week they were going to start steroids. This whole thing was so nerve wracking because everyone (especially at school) was scared she could be starting a reaction to something she ate. We actually were called to pick her up from school twice in the 3 week time period. Both times by the time I got to school to pick her up the hives had subsided.

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By seaside on Tue, 08-26-08, 20:25

Thanks everyone for all of the replies. After reading all of the threads, I decided that maybe it was posion oak. So yesterday I gave her some grape jelly on a spoon and waited 20 minutes. Nothing happened, so I waited and gave her more over time just like they do in the doctors. Nothing. So for breakfast this morning I gave her toast with jelly and nothing else and she is fine.

I am so relieved that it is not a new allergy, but in a way I still can't believe it. The posion oak appears 24 hours after she was outside, and the hives appeared five minutes after she finished her lunch. And all of this happened 2 months after we find out that she has become allergic to Blackberrys at the age of 9 without any other allergies. Do us parents of allergic children really need that kind of stress in our lives???? O.K. big sigh of relief.

Thanks Everyone

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By cristym on Wed, 08-27-08, 02:27

I am glad it does not look like it is a new allergy.

I had to laugh at your statement. Quote: Do us parents of allergic children really need that kind of stress in our lives????
We were at the pool and my son had a Ham & Chs tortilla and a fruit cup. He was not even finished eating and I noticed hives on his cheek bone and chin. I started wondering...is this a new reaction from Oral Allergy Syndrome (he gets hives from eating fresh apples but there were no apples in the fruit cup.) or a peanut or tree nut reaction. If it is OAS, I can just watch and see, if Peanut his action plan is Epi and 911. As I have the kids at the pool calling the club house to double check on the tortilla I was thinking the same thing! The club house read me the label and I think it was an OAS reaction.

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