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How long after ingestion of allergen can reaction occur?

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By carpediem on Sun, 08-31-08, 08:00

We just tested my nearly 4 y.o. by feeding him pb at my MIL's. His older brother is severly allergic to pn and tn. He had no apparent reaction. Until 8 hours later. He ate food after that -just some nut-free crackers and then went swimming a couple hours after that. No problems. Then, about 8 hrs. later, after eating dinner, I noticed him scratching but thought he had a side ache or was pulling up his pants. We got home an hour later and after his shower, there were massive hives all over his waist and spreading fast over his whole body, which tells me it was a systemic reaction, not localized. I gave him Benedryl and will be checking him every two hours tonight and giving more Benedryl every 4 hours round the clock.

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By lakeswimr on Sun, 08-31-08, 15:40

Reactions should start within 2 hours of ingestion. Most are going to start within the first hour. Given everything you posted I would think that *was* a peanut reaction and that perhaps your child had some minor reaction within the first 2 hours you didn't notice or he didn't report to you and the reaction you saw was biphasic. Or maybe your child had the one in a million reaction that starts outside that 2 hour window. Regardless, I'd treat him like a FA child for now. I"m sure you are going to bring him to the allergist. meanwhile I'd call the ped for epi pens for him asap.

I'm very sorry that happened. Best wishes!

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By bankerssilvermoon on Sat, 02-19-11, 14:18

I turned 40 and developed food allergies! I am allergic to beef, pork, lamb and deer. Dairy is on that list but it does not bother me. What made it hard to diagnose was the fact that it takes 8 hours to have a severe reaction. Yes I did say 8 hours and if I am not taking something or at the hospital it gets worse. I slowly develop anaphylactic shock. Crazy! I know. Just last month I sat in the emergency room treatment area for two hours before they believed me and finally started an IV. This is the same emergency room that my sister-in-law died at from an allergy to peanuts! This whole thing is an eye opener and how poorly we are treated.
I still want to know why is it 8 hours! Oh! I work with 2 people that have the same allergy developing after the age of 40 and same reaction time!

By cathlina on Fri, 02-25-11, 02:39

I have had reactions up to 24 hours later.

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