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hives around mouth

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By momofjen on Wed, 04-30-03, 20:30

I posted this origionally under reactions but have gotten no replies. My question is this... Everytime my dd has had a reaction, it has been in the form of hives around the mouth. Does the location of the hives mean anything? She has pa,tna and sesame allergy.Please offer some thoughts on this!

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By California Mom on Wed, 04-30-03, 20:51

The only thing I can tell you is that my daughter's first pa reaction was hives around the mouth. Her second reaction was anaphylactic. She had one other instance of hives around the mouth after eating tahini (which is made from sesame seeds). She has turned out not to be allergic to sesame so I still don't know what caused those hives. Good luck to you. Miriam

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By katjam on Wed, 04-30-03, 22:19

My son's reactions have always started with hives around the mouth. He has multiple fa's, and that's where they've always shown up first. In two instances the reactions progressed to hives all over the body. I don't know the significance, but I've learned to look at his mouth first.


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By erik on Wed, 04-30-03, 23:27

I assume the hives appear around the mouth, as that is where the food is being eaten. I know when I have had reactions, my mouth has been very itchy.

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By KarenD on Thu, 05-01-03, 17:30

My ds sometimes gets small hives or exzema around the mouth if he has eaten something messy (fruit, a lot of butter etc.). It seems if something sits there too long he breaks out a little bit, but clears right up.

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By Fran on Thu, 05-01-03, 17:54

Jamie (pa) has gotten hives around her mouth due to certain spices in products (i.e. Hidden Valley Ranch LIGHT). Found out that spices often used in products are processed in "spice houses" that often have nuts/peanuts in the same plant. Almost all manufacturers use spice houses, however, so this is a really tough one.

Stay Safe,

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By LDR on Thu, 05-01-03, 20:58

My 3 yr old daughter is PA only (so far), yet sometimes she develops a red rash around her mouth while eating. At first I was incredibly frustrated, worried that she may be having a reaction and not quite sure how to treat it. This happened after eating tomatoes one time while we were on our way to the allergist. I brought the tomatoes with us. She was skin tested, and it came up negative. The allergist concluded that my daughter just has very sensitive skin. In fact, she reacted to the pricking of the stick when skin tested, even to the control substance (water). Given that she's young, and her eating manners leave a bit to be desired, food often stays on and around her mouth while eating, and can irritate the skin. Of course, you want to make sure that the rash does not consitute a reaction to an allergenic substance, but I offer my story to demonstrate that it is possible that a rash from food is not a true allergic reaction.
Hope this is helpful.

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By momofjen on Fri, 05-02-03, 00:44

Thanks for all your responses. She has never had any reaction other than these very tiny little hives. One to three of them at the most and I swear they are in the exaxt same place everytime. She has only had a handful of reactions in 5 years, thank god.

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