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Hip Hip Hooray!

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By tracy on Mon, 03-01-99, 19:19

Thank you so much, Peanut Allergy Web Folks, for creating this forum!

I am looking forward to hearing the latest research on how peanut allergies affect people and also what advances are being made towards a vaccine.

I will be attending the FAN Conference in Baltimore (in April) and hope to learn more there (one of the sessions discusses research). Of course I will report back whatever I find out. Thanks again!


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By Patti on Mon, 03-01-99, 21:05

Tracy - I am going to try to attend the FAN conference in Stamford CT in May. I need to start getting proactive and I also hope to pass along some valuable research.
Thanks everyone

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By dhumphries on Tue, 03-02-99, 01:48

On the subject of research, has anyone heard about the use of the technology for testing products for minute traces of peanuts? I read this on a web site last month (don't remember the company name) and it looked to be promising for the cross contamination issue. I wonder how quickly manufacturers will begin to use this?

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By Chris PeanutAllergy Com on Tue, 03-02-99, 06:48

Yes, Neogen Corporation announced a test. We should look into how useable and accurate it is and needs to be (does it detect in small enough quantities etc.). I have started a new thread on this board about is so it will have its own heading. If anyone knows of any others please post them or let me know. One topic we should look into more is finding out what this test would be used for. Would you feed something to a peanut allergic person that was made on the same line as peanut products? Do we know of a cleaning chemical that cleans peanut protein? How would you be sure that there is not a peanut stuck somewhere in a long, winding pipe that might become dislodged and end up in a non peanut item. What about human error? These are all questions we need to address and there are many more I am sure we will come up with.

Stay Safe,

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