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Hilton Head, SC...???

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By PeanutFreeInMD on Mon, 06-02-08, 11:29

Anyone been to Hilton Head lately? Any good recommendations on allergy friendly dining experiences? We are going with family this summer. We will of course just take our chef cards with us and ask everyhwere we go, but it would be nice to have a heads-up of good places. One family member mentioned wanting to go to the "Salty Dog..." anyone been there?
Let me know! Thanks!

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By ChicagoChris on Mon, 06-02-08, 21:02

Funny you should bring this up, I am going out there middle of July. If I go out there before you do, I'll let you know what I find.

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By SaraO on Tue, 06-03-08, 02:48

Funny, we are going there next week! We have been three years in a row now so feel like we know a few places....although we still double check. I know that we visit Guieseppi's (I know the spelling is not correct) for pizza and pasta...there is a British Pub that we like...and we always go to Sticky Fingers for Ribs! YUM! I still have yet to double check for this year but that was all o.k. last year!

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By PeanutFreeInMD on Tue, 06-03-08, 13:21

That is funny!!! I hope you have a wonderful time! We are going the beginning of July. We are so excited!
If you have time when you get back please let me know how it went and what other places you'd recommend. I'd love to hear about it!
Have fun!!!

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By ChicagoChris on Wed, 06-18-08, 13:03

My girlfriend has started looking for restaurants for our trip out there (making the calls/asking the questions/looking for safety...yah she's a keeper).

Anyways, she talked to this place called "The Studio" and was blown away by their understanding of the allergy and confidence in working with it. It sounds like a fun place too, its owned by a husband and wife combo, the husband cooks, the wife paints the people/restaurant while people are eating, sounds pretty fun. We'll be going there the first night.

I'm also curious about the Salty Dog.

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By MtnDoo on Thu, 06-19-08, 04:18

We discovered that my dd has a pn allergy while visiting my IL's in Hilton Head! The ER is good, the local allergist there is good too...

We ate at the Boathouse (a seafood place on the water-no peanut products, no peanut oil), and a little greek place- It's All Greek To Me, think is the name. We mostly at ate at my IL's home and at my parent's rented condo though.

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By PeanutFreeInMD on Thu, 06-19-08, 09:49

Thank you guys so much for the info! The Studio and Boathouse sound great...I'll try to check those out.
We are getting excited-our vacation is just a couple weeks away!

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By SaraO on Tue, 07-15-08, 03:40

We went to HH in early June. We have eaten for a few years at Hudson's Seafood (avoiding desserts), The British Pub, Sticky Fingers, Giusseppe's Pizza, The Crazy Crab.

We avoid The Wreak, The Salty Dog (owned by the same people and when we asked the manager at The Wreck just said they would not promise the safety of the food because they don't use peanut oil but it could be something made in a facility they are unaware of. Just didn't feel good about it...so left.

Have a great time!

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By ChicagoChris on Mon, 09-22-08, 22:24

I know this is a bit belated, but I got back safe and sound, the trip was great.

A little feedback about places I tried.

The Studio - Amazing atmosphere. Surrounded by paintings, tiny restaurant, great staff. Food was delicious. And given the very intimate style it has with a small kitchen staff they were VERY good with cooking around my PA/TNA. I wouldn't suggest bringing kids, more of a couples place.

Olde Fort Pub - Best sunset on the island. I'm not kidding. The view was amazing. Among other things, we saw a school of dolphin playing in the water just outside the window from us. Food was very good and they were great with my allergy.

Salty Dog - Although people have expressed concerned, I decided to eat there. I kept it easy with a steak, but I can see why people would not want to eat there. Very high volume, hectic, rushed, etc. I would be ok going there again, but it wasn't anything to write home about.

All in all it was a really nice, relaxing vacation.

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By waunamom on Sat, 07-18-09, 01:21

We are headed to Hilton Head in a few weeks with our peanut allergic son. Any updates/recommendations on allergy friendly restaurants or some to avoid?

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