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Highland News (Scotland):Nut drama on city plane

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By Nutternomore on Sat, 07-07-07, 10:21


[i]Nut drama on city plane[/i]
By Helen Bushnell
Published: 07 July, 2007

AN Inverness-bound plane full of holidaymakers was forced to make an emergency landing in Manchester when a passenger collapsed following a severe reaction to a nut allergy.

And the drama meant local passengers who had booked the breaks so they could enjoy hassle-free journeys directly to and from Inverness returned to the Highland capital 30 HOURS later than scheduled

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By LisaM on Sat, 07-07-07, 16:09

Thanks for posting this. AIRLINES TAKE NOTE!!! I'm sorry to hear about the ordeal this woman went through, but hope this story draws attention to the cause.

I wrote a letter to the author of the article thanking her for drawing attention to the risks and difficulties with flying with anaphylaxis.

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