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Hershey \"Sports\" Easter Bunny

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By lj on Thu, 03-22-07, 21:45

Today my Hannaford supermarket had a "Sports" themed Hershey Easter Bunny (a larger size). It was in a yellow box wrapped in foil and it was "dressed" in sneakers and baseball hat. I've never seen one like that before and the label looked safe so I bought it.

Just thought I'd share so others are on the lookout. My kids love "tacky" looking Easter stuff like that but we can never usually buy it!


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By amy2 on Fri, 03-23-07, 21:13

I too spied that at Wallmart recently, and grabbed 2 up fast! Last Easter I was in a mad dash to find any bunnies. This one is solid too!

Amy (mom of 2)
Daughter PA/TNA

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By MommyMegan on Fri, 03-30-07, 15:49

I bought this yesterday at Walgreens, it's by Hershey and has no warnings. Anyone call on it yet?

I had a bad dream last night that I dove in and ate it, and as I was almost done, I glanced at the box and it had a huge orange sticker "Made with Reeses's Pieces!"

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By lj on Fri, 03-30-07, 19:37

I trust Hershey's labeling for "contains" and "cross-contamination". I did not call on this one.

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By Thao E. Harrell on Sat, 10-26-13, 06:34

I love Hershey’s too that I won’t let them out of my list every weekend. Haven’t been called as well. For those who had tried, can to share it to us?

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By ElaineHarris on Fri, 02-07-14, 14:51

I was really getting interested with your theme. I also think of having it also for my upcoming get together plans with my team. I still have to take considerations on venue and time availability. Hopefully this will be final.

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By Saralinda on Wed, 01-28-15, 00:05

I stay away from all chocolate bunnies, eggs, and Santas. I thought there was something in the process of molding that required "bad" things to bind the chocolate into form. Many years ago, my sister had a bad reaction so I just avoid them. Does this mean there is a safe chocolate bunny? Sounds like I might gain a little chocolate weight this coming Easter.

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