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Help make a list of organizations and people who want better labeling.

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By Chris PeanutAllergy Com on Thu, 02-10-00, 03:24

Help make a list of organizations and people who want better labeling.

Those interested in helping to get better labeling. We need to organize our efforts now!

As you are probably aware a petition has been written which will be presented to the FDA!

The government agency which has been working on this with us for about a year (with lawyers, interns etc.) has requested some more help. We need to make a list of those (people) to contact at the various groups and organizations which would be concerned about better labeling (especially those who are the types to help to push for such legislation). If you are such a person or if you know of such a person please send (by e mail, phone, fax etc.) direct contact information which they can use to get in touch with the individual. We are looking for actual e mail addresses, regular mail etc. information, we do not want general address of organization unless it is all you can find. We need people's names etc. who would be the person to contact.
You can post this info, email it etc.
This is very important. Please work on finding such people.

Stay Safe,

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