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By jlnapn on Wed, 02-18-04, 15:51

Hi everyone, I have a four year old daughter with a fatal serious peanut allergy. She even has contact reactions from just being out in public. I am scared all the time. We carry an epi-pen and atarax constantly but her allergy is very severe. To make it worse she is speech delayed and does not understand it. I am getting nervous because eventually she has to go to school in the real world and I am so afraid people are not going to protect her like I do! I have had her have a five day reaction from a kiss on the cheek from her cousin I was wondering if anyone knew of anything that can help. I am desperit......Jodie

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By momjd on Thu, 02-19-04, 02:53

There are a couple of good books on allergies that might help you, one is by Marianne Barber and I can't remember the other- I think the author's last name is Collins. You might want to start there just to get some coping tips.

My DS is allergic to 7 foods and intolerant to all others. We don't take him to venues with foods, we don't let others kiss him, etc. We avoid, avoid, avoid. We intend to homeschool him. While the school is legally required to work with you to make a safe environment for learning, we just don't feel that it is worth the 'hassle'. Homeschooling was something that we had already considered before the allergies came along though.

Start doing your research now, read the post here and check out some of the recommended sites and links. That way, you will be well informed and ready when the time comes. In the meantime, don't feel that you have to put your child in any situation that you aren't comfortable with. You don't have to sacrifice safety for the sake of normalcy if you don't want to. You've got plenty of time to introduce your daughter to the world after you're more comfortable doing so.

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