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Heard of Enjoy Life Foods?

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By kylaC on Mon, 03-19-07, 03:43

I recently found the web site for a company called Enjoy Life Foods, which have peanut and tree nut-free items. I haven't tried anything from them yet, but wondered if anyone else on the Board has. I tried a search, but didn't see more than one mention of them. I would really like to hear what others' opinions of their products are. Thanks!


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By kandomom on Mon, 03-19-07, 03:55

Some Enjoy Life products are available at our local grocery store.
We've only tried the cocoa loco snack bars.
They are fine, both girls enjoy them.
I plan to pick up the granola cereal next trip to the store.

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By Maple Leaf on Mon, 03-19-07, 20:19

I have tried many of their things! I love their cookies and live off their chocolate chips. I just posted a Q about them in [i]Recipes[/i]

I buy them at Wild Oats/Whole Foods.

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By caryn on Tue, 03-20-07, 12:09

we also like their products - my son is allergic to peanuts treenuts soy and corn as well as others so these products are great because they have NO corn! we can buy the coco loco bars as well as the very berry bars and carmel apple bars at meijer and martins - 2 of our local grocery stores.

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By Jen224 on Fri, 03-30-07, 00:35

We use their chocolate chips a lot. They aren't the best out there, but I love supporting a nut-free facility. My DS also likes their granola bars and their whole line of cookies.

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