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By BS312 on Sun, 07-09-06, 22:55

Does anyone know whether Health Valley Chocolate Cookie Cremes are safe? There is no "may contain" warning. We'll call the company tomorrow.

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By momll70 on Sat, 10-28-06, 01:32

I've stopped eating Health Valley products because once I bought a box of fruit bars that were supposed to be safe. The outside box said nothing about allergies. The wrappers inside had an allergy notice about nuts. When I called they said that they wanted to use up their old boxes. Kind of turned me off because they wanted to save money.

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By TJuliebeth on Sat, 10-28-06, 02:57

We avoid Health Valley as well...We used it before Joy was diagnosed with PA...I'm sure I called...I must not have liked the answer, though I don't remember specifically what they told me.

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By Sofia Mundy on Tue, 12-04-12, 00:20

We actually don’t use health valley products for once our neighbor suffer from peanut allergy and I am also allergy to peanuts so I better avoid such products. It’s not safe for me.


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By adam04409 on Wed, 01-30-13, 08:10

We also avoid healthy valley products. anyways thanks for sharing this information.

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