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Health drinks

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By jbinckley on Mon, 10-02-00, 01:37

Beware of those protein health drinks. I just found out that Met-Rx (a popular protein shake for fitness buffs) now lists peanuts as a part of their chocolate drink mix. It took them 5 years to do this after I experienced a nasty episode with their drink mix way back when. Now I know why. Who knows what else lurks in other brands? Off the subject, I am very happy to finally find a site that deals with this awful allergy that has been a very unwelcome part of my life since day 1. If anyone has a list of common supermarket brands that need to be avoided, it would be greatly appreciated.

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By on Mon, 10-02-00, 05:18

For me, I always find it difficult answering a question when I'm not sure if someone is American, Canadian, or something else (sorry if that isn't worded properly) because our stores are so different. In Canada, and I'm not clear if they list American companies or not on the site so you'd have to check it out, there is a website that is supposed to keep current on what foods are "safe" or not. It's at [url="http://www.nuconnexions.com"]www.nuconnexions.com[/url] I know that I was quite shocked when I first visited because I found out that the store where I shop, IGA, is not labeling their products properly and I, very stupidly, had thought they would be. I'm not sure if this has been any help to you or not, but maybe also if you checked out the FAN website there might be more information. I would be wary of the health drinks because it seems as if all of the health bars have to have peanut products in there somewhere! Best wishes!


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By Brooke Cadell on Mon, 01-14-13, 02:30

That is why I would not directly buy any products most specifically foods to anywhere without reading the nutrition facts in it, where it was come from and the manufacturers. This is to ensure that I cannot eat foods that could possible ruin my health.

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By sophie vandaele on Tue, 01-15-13, 08:37

I'm new here, I have no peanut allergy, but I suspect my daughter has, because when she eats them, she needs to go to the toilet almost immediately !!

about those protein shakes
I am informing to a company about their cholota mix to ask if there are peanuts(traces ) in itWhen I have the answer I'll let you know

by the way, I know something about allergies !!
I'm allergic to gluten, dairy, eggs, yeast, pineapple and beans !!


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