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Hazelnut coffee?

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By livsmom on Mon, 07-18-05, 15:07

Has anyone ever reacted to the taste or smell or have a child react to the brewing of hazelnut coffee? FAAN said it could happen, although unlikely. But all it takes is someone telling me it "could" to make me stand up and take notice. I started buying and brewing hazelnut made with "artificial" flavoring rather than "real" was told if it was artifically flavored it was safe. The other one tasted better, but rather be safe than sorry.

Now here is my next question, if the coffee is artificially flavored hazelnut, my DD should be able to take a sip safely - right? Just curious if anyone has had any experience with this.


Mom of 2 1/2 year old daughter with peanut and egg allergies

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By on Mon, 07-18-05, 16:21

livsmom, is your child TNA?

Personally, I wouldn't let my child taste a tree nut flavoured coffee, even if artificial, but that's just me. I have been finding more and more warnings when it comes to nut flavoured coffees (all posted here) and I am simply not comfortable with them.

The first one I ever saw was in a fairly small town's coffee shop and I spoke with management and they said that no, it wasn't artificial flavouring, but there were actual nuts ground into the coffee, which I found queer.

Also, in my local grocery store, and I would assume it is artificial flavoured coffee, but could be wrong, there is also an allergy alert up on the coffee grinder.

I don't know, does your daughter need to taste flavoured coffee all that much?

I mean, what if she grows used to the flavour and then one day, when older, she is drinking the *real* flavour rather than the artificial one.

If you do a search, you'll be able to find both of my threads about the warnings on the coffee.

Best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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By McKenziesMom on Mon, 07-18-05, 16:24

This is an interesting question and I don't have a 100% answer but...

One of our local schools was having a fund raiser and selling flavoured coffees, two of which were swiss almond and vanilla hazelnut. The literature said peanut and nut free, with the big "NO NUTS" logo on it. But, being suspicious and confused, I called the company. They said that they have a written guarantee from the company who produces the artificial flavouring that there are no nuts/peanuts/nut bi-products in their flavouring, of which she faxed me a copy. So, I ordered it. And my 15 year old PA daughter had some and had no reaction.

We're in Ontario and it may be different elsewhere. For example, I know you can't get the same kind of guarantee from Starbucks. And just at the moment, the name of the company escapes me.

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By Hanna Jordan on Wed, 07-09-14, 02:43

Does she have a tree nut allergy as well?

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By Ree on Tue, 07-19-05, 01:54

My dad is severely allergic to hazelnuts and drinks the artificial flavoring coffee creamer all the time. I don't know why he would, but he does.

I use the same creamer around my kids, but I wouldn't let them drink it....allergies aside, they definitely don't need more energy!! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/eek.gif[/img]

Mom to:
Sean (9/01) - PA & EA
Brian (10/03) - MA, PA, EA, dog
Expecting #3 (3/06)

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By misypu on Wed, 07-20-05, 23:53

I am TNA/PNA and can not STAND the smell of hazelnut coffee. Makes me itch just thinking about it. bleck.

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By dgood on Sat, 08-06-05, 17:28

I just emailed Folger's and they stated their hazelnut ground coffee is completely artificial and contains no tree nuts.

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By on Tue, 08-23-05, 15:47

McKenzie's Mom, I would love a fundraiser like that! And I feel you got a great response from the coffee people.

Does anyone know, when you go into Starbucks or one of the other coffee shops, when you have the choice of flavouring out of the big squirt bottles, has anyone checked to see if that is artificial or real?

Me, I'm so dazed and confused when I go into one of those places that I get just a medium coffee and take off. The litany of choices combined with a lot of foods that I know are not PA safe, leave me with a very dazed and confused feeling when I'm in the shop.

I recently had, in my home, an artificially flavoured Butter Pecan coffee. This was when my PA son was in school. The first day I brewed it, I was sickened by the smell of it, something that would not have happened previous to PA. It's just not a smell I'm used to having in my home anymore.

Best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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By Codyman on Tue, 08-23-05, 23:19

speaking of coffee ... today I bought some instant coffee to have on hand for company, since DH and I are not coffee drinkers. DD looked at the container and yelled ... you can't buy it, there are nuts in it! ... She was looking at the picture of a coffee bean.

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By ajgauthier on Sun, 08-28-05, 19:47

oh yes, nut "scented" or "flavored" coffees...like someone else posted above...just the smell makes me ill. Have never had a reaction, but my sister would regularly brew hazelnut coffee while I was visiting her house. After a few screaming matches I won and she hasn't done it since.

I think it's just the "nut" smell that makes me have an aversion to it. The same aversion I had to soynut butter when I first got it...I *knew* it was safe, yet, I couldn't get myself near it for the smell! (now I'm fine though)

as for the Starbuck's drinks...you can go to their website and write an email to find out. What REALLY nice is that they have *stopped* an old practice of mixing drinks in a metal cylinder and then pouring into a cup. It's all mixed in the coffee cup now. AND, if you are PA or TNA, then you have to specify "do NOT use one of your spoons to stir it...please just use a newly opened straw" I've never had a problem.

They do not make nut flavored frappucinos in their blenders...so those are ok. Though, the day they come out with a hazelnut one it won't be ok. I have been told that their chocolate chip shavings are safe. Also, much to my delight, they DO NOT have "nut flavored" coffees...it's all in the syrups. They do have descriptions of their coffees as "nutty taste" or whatnot...but that actually comes right from the bean itself...different varities have different tastes when roasted in different ways.

However, I absolutely cannot get coffee at a place where there is hazelnut or nut-scented/flavored coffees being brewed. There is cross contamination in the grinder and in the coffee pots/filter sleeve/carafes. I've had more than one instance of just "smelling" my cup of coffee and smelling it being "nutty" like hazelnut or toffee nut or something.

I think I've written elsewhere that I have indeed tried hazelnut coffee (by accident) and got an incredibly sour stomache. Probably psychosomatic...but I stay away from it.

Phew! Otherwise, I buy whole beans and grind them/brew them at home.


30-year old survivor of sever peanut/tree nut allergy

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By gma on Sat, 02-18-12, 05:28

I have a friend who went into shock and was transported to hospital, not knowing she had peanut allergy, after sipping on a cup of Hazelnut Coffee.
She is doing fine but is careful of being around or ingesting nut products; hazelnut flavoring included.

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By Worthlesch on Sun, 02-16-14, 18:28

I've had a different experience than most:

I had an immediate reaction to a hazelnut latte made with Monin syrup. Tingly mouth/lips. Luckily I only took one big sip before realizing my friend gave me the wrong coffee. 2 Benadryl and it calmed down

I had a delayed reaction to a latte made with espresso grounds that went through a grocery store grinder, and which only barely tasted of hazelnut. Most likely, my beans picked up some grounds from the person just before me. I didn't put two and two together as I tasted something so faintly, and so I drank a 1/2 cup never thinking it was cross contaminated grounds until someone pointed it out. I was nervous but OK for a bit.

The reaction occurred 90 minutes after drinking with the classic symptoms of a birch-family OAS-type allergy-- but it came on really strong and very quickly. Mouth tingling/ itchy all over / severe cramps and diarhhea. Two Benadryl and it chilled out but it took a while. Not fun.

All to say... Don't mess w/ flavors if you have the allergy.

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