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Having Problems with School Staff?

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By Nathan_Walters_Dad on Fri, 02-08-02, 19:01

For those of you Who do not know my history... My son Nathan was lost to a severe Peanut allergy May 2001. Have been thru a long greiving process and have been active in changing the way peanut allergies are handled in Public and Private Schools. Since Nathan's death have been working with Spokane School District 81 to ensure another mistake is not made when it comes to dealing with food allergies. Especially since the Allergy was well documented with the school. The Food Allergy Task Force has been meeting here in Spokane since September every other Thursday. We will soon be making formal recomendations to the local school board with the model in mind that it will serve not only to educate here in Spokane but nationwide. Our recomendations will be in the hands of local administrators and school board members by Late March Early April.

What I wanted to do is give you some of the most valuable information I have come across as we have gone through this process.


Many Parents of PA children do not realize that their child may qualify for special consideration thru Section 504 of the Rehab act of 1974. This law has been overlooked by many schools nationwide and has a direct impact on your PA Child and their Education.

Are you a Parent that has had hard time getting the severity of your child's allergy across to school staff?

If you are not familiar with section 504 take the time to look over this valuable information. [url="http://www.allergysupport.org"]www.allergysupport.org[/url]

Rhonda Riggott Stevens [[email protected]] has also spent considerable amount of time developing a comprehensive form for her own child's allergy and is by far the most comprehensive I have seen. If you do not have a current 504 plan on file with your child's school I would encourage you all to do it as soon as possible. It isn't enough to just let the school nurse know about your child's allergy (trust me and don't make the mistake I made). It really takes a whole team at your child's school to ensure their saftey. I would encourage you to print this form and take it down to your child's principal TODAY! Make sure your child is surrounded by people who are educated and can handle an emergency with confidence.


I will be posting much more on peanutallergy.com as the work continues, but this information is so critical and often overlooked by both School Districts and Parents that it needed to be shared now.

Hugs to all the PA Children! (I think of them all as being my adopted Children) Hold them close for me.

Rick Walters

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By Lam on Fri, 02-08-02, 19:47

Mr. Walters,

I am presently working with our school district. My son may begin public school this Fall (K). I have found Rhonda's information to be incredibly useful and necessary.

Thank you for the work you are doing! God bless you. I think of Nathan and his family often.


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By smack on Fri, 02-08-02, 20:48

Nathan's Dad,

Your son wasn't ours, but feels like he was.
His life will never be forgotten!
Thank you for sharing this information.

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By Dawn on Sat, 02-09-02, 03:30

Mr. Walters, thank you so much for the work you are doing. Your courage is remarkable. The links you have provided are to such important and helpful information. I am so grateful.
You and your family remain in my prayers.

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By Renee111064 on Sat, 02-09-02, 05:19

Nathan's Dad,

Thank you for helping the parents of PA children. I cannot say that I know what you are going through, but my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family often also.

I have had great support from my son's teacher. She took it upon herself to search different things on the internet to help herself be more aware of Drew's allergies.

Whenever someone new comes into her classroom she immediately makes them read our 504 plan. She also copied a newspaper clipping about Nathan's death. She makes everyone read both so that they understand the severity of Drew's allergies.

I am thankful that I found out about peanutallergy.com last may. If I had not found this site I would never have known about Section 504. This site has been a blessing to so many of us parents and those who have pa.

God bless you and the work you are doing to make the schools and your community aware.

Our hearts are with you always,


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By pamom on Sun, 02-10-02, 15:05

Dear Nathans Dad:

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By pamom on Sun, 02-10-02, 15:11

Dear Nathans Dad:

Thank you so much for contributing your knowledge and experience with all of us. I think of your family and Nathan often and our hearts go out to you. My children are both PA and we almost lost my daughter on Valentine's Day two years ago. She was at school and got a butterfinger heart from a parent. Thank God I live three minutes from school and acted quickly. What a wake up call. I think it is great that you remain vigilant about educating parents about food allergies. I know Nathan would be very proud of you. Please keep up the good work we need all of your wisdom. It is a fine line we all walk every day. You know more than anyone else how fragile life is. God bless you and your family.


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By Greta on Mon, 02-11-02, 06:48

Dear Mr. Walters
Thank you for all your efforts on behalf of PA children. My son will start kindergarten this fall and I plan to share Nathan's story when I meet with the principal and teachers. I hope it brings you some comfort to know that you and Nathan are making a diference in the life of others. We think of you and your family often and remember you in our prayers.

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By Nathan_Walters_Dad on Mon, 02-11-02, 07:14

Thanks so much for all the support out there from everyone in our community of PA. I have been reading a long the whole time and it really means a lot to me and my family the support you have given us. You have no idea how much it meant to follow the discussions here on peanutallegy.com right after Nathan's death, and how much impact this community still has on my family.

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By river on Mon, 02-11-02, 14:01

It might be nice to have a memorial page on this site. I'd love to see a picture of Nathan and maybe read something about what he was like. He profoundly touched myself and all of the parents on this board.

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By Nathan_Walters_Dad on Mon, 02-11-02, 16:36

Memorial Page and other links:


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By smack on Fri, 02-15-02, 01:23

Mr. Walters,

Someone had mentioned in Off Topic today is Nathan's birthday.
I just finished watching "Oprah Winfrey" and her show was all about love stories.

Yours is one in my eyes because of what your doing to help all of us who face the same struggles you did.
The Love you have for your son shows in everything you do.
I'm sure he was proud to have you as a Dad.

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By Nathan_Walters_Dad on Sat, 02-16-02, 20:44

Yes Valentines Day did mark Nathan's birthday. Thanks to all who sent cards emails or called. Helped me get thru the day, but still had some time to think about the impact Nathan made on me and still continues to make on me daily. I really feel he is watching with a few other helpers and laying a path down for the rest of us to follow. Sometimes good things come from things that are not so easy to deal with in life. I've been trying to focus on that part of reality, and think Nathan would like that. Nathan will always be with me and will always be a big part of who I am and how I identify myself. I'm very thankful for the gifts my son continues to make possible on a daily basis. I won't use past tense because Nathan is still very much a part of life, and I'll just say... What an amazing Kid you are Nathan!

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By DanielaW on Wed, 02-20-02, 00:56

Dear Mr. Walters,
I had a chance to look at Nathan's memorial page and needless to say I cried like crazy looking at those pictures..... I truly believe Nathan and you are doing a great job on raising awareness on peanut allergy. You need to be commended for being such a strong person that instead of trying to forget and not think about this horrible allergy on a daily basis is instead putting his time and efforts to try to make this better. You must be really an amazing person, I just wish the world would have more people like yourself and Nathan. God bless you! I think of your family often and I'm sure Nathan's death won't be invain...

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