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having Flax Seed around the house and Sesame allergy

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By momll70 on Sat, 09-22-07, 16:25

Me and DS don't eat Flax seed but it is now in the house and I am concerned about DS who is allergic to seeds (sesame/poppy/sunflower). Is it dangerous for me to have this in the house?

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By tidina on Sat, 09-22-07, 17:29

my son eats things with sunflower oil but he doesnt want to try sunflower seeds. the allergist said he can eat them if he wants to. he is positive to sesame seed. my husband and i put ground flaxseed in our food sometimes and he is fine around it. i would never have sesame or nuts in the house. even legumes make me nervous. he does eat baby crackers that my daugther eats and they have pinto bean flour in them. the allergist said he has to eat eggs and beans or he may become allergic to them. i usually add beans to my dish but not his.

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By momll70 on Sun, 09-23-07, 13:14

My son has a light legume allergy. The doctor said he could try peas but I have to cook them very well. He doesn't want to try them first of all because he doesn't like veggies and secondly because he knows that we were told to avoid because he had a light allergy. He's afraid and honestly so am I. I guess I can call the doctor about flax seed. My son is allergic to sunflower seeds & oil.

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By tidina on Sun, 09-23-07, 15:26

my son loved peas and then stopped liking them. he said it feels like he is going to get a tummy ache. he was skin tested for them and came up negative but still doesnt want to eat them and im not going to force him. same thing with salmon, ate it for years, i didnt buy it for about a year and then did and he said his tongue felt hot. he was blood and skin tested and came up negative. allergist says to give him but im not going to force down his throat. sometimes tests are wrong and you just go by how you feel!

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By momll70 on Sun, 09-23-07, 15:51

That's so true. I tested low to peanuts but I felt like I was choking the last time I ate something that was cross contaminated. I stay away no matter what my doctor says. Everyone is different and you have to trust your instinct. I also don't force my son to eat something because sometimes I feel like it's a blessing in disguise, like one time before testing for sesame we used to order pizza from a place that does a lot of sesame crust pizza. He never ate that pizza for some reason. He is highly allergic to sesame so I am grateful that he never decided to eat it.

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By tidina on Sun, 09-23-07, 19:52

ya know what kills me. i never let my son play at jungle gyns where they serve peanut butter and jelly and my allergist agrees with me. well all my friends say, IS HE THAT SENSITIVE? i mean i dont want to find out but if you touch residue and touch your eyes or mouth im sure something would happen. then i know people that let their non allergic kids eat peanut butter rite next to their allergic kids. i dont let nuts in my house.

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By momll70 on Tue, 09-25-07, 02:43

Some people really don't get it. My son had a reaction like that. He was sitting in a chair that someone else ate a peanutbutter sandwich in earlier and it wasn't wiped down and he must have touched the chair and then his mouth (he was 2 then). He didn't eat anything so I know it was contamination. He also reacts if someone touches his skin he will break out in hives. Some people really don't have a clue.

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