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Hanover Brand Pretzels

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By saknjmom on Tue, 09-05-06, 14:06

I buy pretzels occassionally and used to buy these twists that are honey wheat or something like that.
I picked up Hanover brand and glanced at the label, there is now a warning about being processed in a facility that handles peanut butter. All of their packages now have this warning.
The warning is interesting, I've never seen one like this and I know there didn't used to be a warning.
I bought a similar product by Snyder and there was no warning on their products.

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By 3xy1PAinNH on Tue, 09-05-06, 17:25

I was under the impression Synder and Hanover are one and the same? Synder iS NOT NOT NOT Safe anymore, as they are making PB pretzels. They started last Spring. I bought a huge box of them for PRe-K snack and it was my PA son's teacher who noticed the new labels.

Rold Gold are the only pretzels I trust right now!

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