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By coopedl on Fri, 06-08-07, 19:13

With support from the Food Allergy Initiative I have designed a set of interactive flashcards to help teach children with peanut & tree nut allergies, and those individuals who care for them how to stay safe. The flashcards incorporate a great deal of comprehensive information and puts it into an easy to learn format. The flashcards introduce cross-contamination, the importance of label reading and always carrying emergency medication. When used in a classroom setting the flashcards have generated a greater understanding of the allergy which in turn creates a caring safer environment for our children. For adults who can not be expected to read what we have, in 10 minutes the flashcards have provided the knowledge necessary to generate a greater understanding of why such vigilance is necessary at home and in the school system to keep our children safe. There are 36 color coded flashcards on a metal ring. This makes the flahscards easy to hang at home or in the classroom. For more information on the flashcards please visit [url=""][/url]

I have spoken with Chris about this prodcut and posting. Thank you.

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By coopedl on Thu, 08-23-07, 17:55

I want to share a recent review of Beyond A Peanut - Allergy Flashcards. You can view the review at the below links. Wishing you all a safe school year.

[url=""][/url] or [url=""][/url]
Thank you

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