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Great American Cookie Company

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By jkmason94 on Wed, 11-27-02, 21:30

I bought all my children cookies today at the Great American Cookie Company. My PA child asked if there were peanuts and I was appalled to realize I had not asked. I asked the man behind the counter and he said, "Oh yeah, we use 100% peanut oil in ALL our cookies." THERE WAS NO SIGN DECLARING THIS! I talked to the manager and suggested they put up a sign, that there might even be a requirement legally and she was VERY defensive. She said, "No, we don't have to. Most people ask before they buy the cookies!" But what about the ones, like me, who lost their thoughts and didn't?!! What about people who might be taking care of a child with a peanut allergy and are not used to asking about it?! She told me she would talk to the owner but reiterated that most people ask before they buy them. AGH! What can be done????

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By AJSMAMA on Mon, 12-09-02, 13:04

I would certainly contact the main company as Great American Cookie is a chain I believe. Out of courtesy to their customers they should post a warning. Although, I do not think they are required as evident by such companies as Chick-Fil-A who uses peanut oil and does not post any warning about that at all. Also, I would be extremely careful when purchasing any bakery items. I avoid them all together with my son as I am too concerned about cross contamination.


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By Wolfmeis on Mon, 12-09-02, 14:35

The Great American Cookie company here in our mall has stickers on their glass cases. They're cute, and they say if you're allergic to nuts, that you should probably not purchase anything.

I don't purchase commercial cookies anywhere for my girl. I just don't trust the "help" to keep the equipment separate.

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By robinlp on Mon, 12-09-02, 23:51

Ours does have a sign posted. However, I've never even dared to give my son a cookie unless it is an oreo, teddy graham or made at home by me. A place like that is just too risky and I am sure they don't take any extra precautions.

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By batrice on Thu, 04-17-03, 01:38

i used to work at the great american cookie company and i would not go there at all with my pa and tna son. we were never told to wash the scoops that we used to make the cookies, the pans, or the spatulas. cross contamination everywhere. no cookie cakes for us unless i make them. but at least i know how to do it right at home.

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who is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, and shellfish

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By beansmama on Mon, 04-21-03, 07:39

The very first thing I learned when I found out that my daughter was PA - NO cookies from the mall are safe...ever. Peanut butter and nut covered cookies share space on the sliding shelves with all the other cookies, and nuts are everywhere!


But you are right, they should post a warning.

FWIW...all the Chick Fil-A's in our area DO post signs stating that they use peanut oil for everything!


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By [email protected] on Wed, 02-23-11, 13:39

It is sad in today's world(when peanut allergies are rampant, I myself have been allergic for the past 15 or so years, I get migraines from anything peanuts)that they still use peanuts/peanut oil in so many fast food places. I about made a deadly mistake today(it being my b-day month)I was going to get a free cookie slice from Great American..and had realized I hadn't done my research on the ingredients! I am not only allergic to peanuts but several different oils..so any bakery items(esp pre-packaged)I mostly cannot eat! :(

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