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Good Book for Kids

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By on Sun, 03-16-03, 03:02

A book that my kids have enjoyed since they were 4 is called:

Andrew and Maya Learn About Food Allergies...Come Join the Adventure!

The title is not too inviting, but it is a fun story even for little ones who probably don't understand the detailed description of how an allergic reaction occurs. It is a story about 2 kids, an eccentric inventor, his robot, dog, and travel machine. The kids visit a few other children with different allergies and learn a lot.

I think this book is much more engaging than any other one we have come across. We ordered from the FAAN a few years ago.

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By theresaa on Thu, 09-11-03, 13:45

Any good PA books out for toddlers? Theresa

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By Jenna's Mommy on Fri, 09-12-03, 01:19

I like "Allie The Allergic Elephant". DD really enjoys that one

- Sarah

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