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GoldFish Crackers

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By Daneg4575 on Tue, 04-24-07, 15:30

Here is the email I received from Pepperidge farms. Always nice to hear!

M/M Dana Genova, we received your message and appreciate your taking
time to contact Pepperidge Farm.

Pepperidge Farm follows all government regulations regarding the
of our products. In the case of the top 8 allergens (peanuts, tree
dairy, eggs, fish, wheat, soy and shellfish) we list those ingredients
the product ingredient statement, no matter how small the amount might
We do not include any of those items under the broader listings of
"spices" or "natural flavors" We recommend that consumers always check
the ingredient statement and evaluate the product based on the

We know many consumers have come to trust our Goldfish crackers to be
nut/peanut free. We currently produce our Goldfish crackers on
lines that do not use nuts/peanuts.

We work hard to clean and sanitize production equipment to minimize the
risk of cross contact with any allergens (e.g., peanuts). We use a
contain" statement on any products when we feel, despite the
of good manufacturing practices, there is a small risk of cross
Our decision to use a "May Contain" statement is made on a
product-by-product basis with the consumer's safety being the ultimate

Thank you for visiting the Pepperidge Farm website.

Pepperidge Farm Web Team


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