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Going Abroad with Peanut Allergy

Have a severe peanut allergy and going abroad to europe. What recommendations do you have? Should I be worried?

By Leanne1 on Wed, 06-19-13, 11:08

Europe is huge and differences between countries are immense. In the north (UK, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland) allergies are very common and food is extremely safe as long as you alert restaurant staff to you allergy.

In the south, along the Mediterranean, knowledge of allergies is pretty low and you can't expect restaurang staff to understand the seriousness of your condition. Luckily, peanuts are not a staple food in the southern european cuisine. Peanut oil is rarely used as few dishes are deep fried, and they don't use peanuts in main courses much. Just stay away from baked sweets and u'll be fine.

I don't know about the east, haven't been there.

Other than that, it's the asame advice as for home: Don't eat Thai or Indian, always make sure you can communicate with restaurant staff, and if something on your plate looks suspicios you don't eat it.

And my best travel advice - sushi nigiri always work. No oils used and you see exactly what is in the food.

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