gluten free baking mixes HELP

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By skillswife on Wed, 05-21-08, 13:26

I am getting so much conflicting information. My lo has peanut, wheat and egg allergies. We have been using pamelas and arrowhead mills baking mixes. Pamelas told me the baking mix is produced on the same equipment as their peanut products but is cleaned thoroughly. Pretty much the same things for the arrowhead mills. My allergist said that unless it says may contain trace amounts of peanuts we are probably fine with things produced in the same facility/equipment. I really need a gluten free baking mix.
Just the peanuts allergy is bad enough but finding things that are also gluten free are about impossible.

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By mom2landz on Wed, 05-21-08, 21:59

when we were wheat-free, we used quinoa and amaranth (mixed together) flours for baking. baking never went really well, but the food tasted good. can you use Namaste mixes? i can't remember if they have a plain baking mix, but the brownies were fantastic, and i loved the spice cake.

we had the best luck getting gluten- and allergy-free flours from the healthfood store and making our own mixes.


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By pfmom2 on Sun, 06-08-08, 00:09

Have you seen [url=""][/url] They have a lot of gluten free mixes.


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