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gingerbread man

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By Lori Anne on Wed, 11-29-06, 03:21

Dd's teacher just emailed me and asked about safe products, candies, icing,etc. to make a gingerbread man.

I figure I'll offer to go in and bake with them again. Does anyone have a good recipe?

Ideas for decorating the gingerbread man would also be helpful. I know we can use icing and raisins. Any good candy to use? Dd is Pa and TNA.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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By ceross on Wed, 11-29-06, 04:18

How about Kissables for buttons?

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By Lori Anne on Wed, 11-29-06, 14:29

Thanks! The teacher emailed back. She'll use the Betty Crocker mix, so I don't need a recipe for school anymore.

I did bring in kissables for her to use, dots, and Vermont Nut Free Chocolate chips. Also I brought skippers and explained that m&ms are NOT O.K. and that she should show dd the bag so she would know that they are O.K. Dd won't touch m&ms. I also suggested Dole raisins.

They mentioned that they want to use licorice, but I don't know if I'm comfortable with that. I know I've read some negative things about licorice.

Any other ideas?

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By bethc on Wed, 11-29-06, 16:23

Twizzlers is made by Hershey's and never has any peanut or nut warnings, so I feel comfortable with it. Their Pull & Peel variety separates into shoestring size, which is nice for decorating purposes.

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By Lori Anne on Wed, 11-29-06, 16:27

Thank you!

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