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GF Flour Mix made banana bread dry next day?

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By Marlowe on Wed, 04-04-07, 17:12

I need some expert advice on baking with a Gluten Free flour mix...I made banana bread yesterday, and was just experimenting using a gluten free mixture of 3 cups rice flour, 1 cup potato flour, 1/2 cup tapioca starch...it baked up fine, had GREAT texture and tasted absolutely NOOO differently than if I'd used regular all-purpose flour...however, this morning, they taste like they're a week old...VERY dry and just "OLD" tasting...I put them in the refrigerator, since I didn't know how they'd do just wrapped up overnight...

Is it normal for gluten-free baking to NOT do well the next day? What am I doing wrong?

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By MarkiesMom on Wed, 04-04-07, 18:35

I'm not too familiar with GF baking, but with quick breads, you should never store them in the fridge -- wrap well after cooling and store at room temp or in the freezer, or you risk drying the breads out. Naturally, adding more fats will increase shelf life and add moistness; sugar will also add moisture and tenderize. Was it a low fat or reduced sugar recipe?

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By Marlowe on Wed, 04-04-07, 18:59

no, was NOT a lowfat or low sugar recipe...guess I'm just out of practice in storing my baked goods...
makes sense...thanks for the reply!

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By krasota on Wed, 04-04-07, 20:45

Are you sure it called for potato flour and not potato starch? That's a lot of potato flour and it's *very* heavy.


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By Marlowe on Wed, 04-04-07, 21:14

the recipe calls for potato starch flour?
I used potato starch...didn't see any potato starch FLOUR to purchase...so no, i didn't use potato flour...it was potato starch..sorry!

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By mharasym on Thu, 04-05-07, 00:51

Your experience is not unusual for Gluten Free Baking. You may want to add some Xantham Gum to your recipe - it helps a little, but all gluten free baking is best frozen immediately after it's cooled.

The best way to eat it is toasted from frozen and with tons of butter .. . that kills any dryness.

I've used Potato Starch & Potato Flour interchangeably, but it does seem like alot. Usually it;s more in line with the tapioca amount.

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By krasota on Thu, 04-05-07, 13:38

Potato starch and potato flour are two very different things and aren't interchangeable. Potato starch flour = potato starch. It's starch derived from potatoes. Potato flour = ground up potatoes.


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