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Genetically engineered lettuce?

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By Steve62 on Wed, 09-13-06, 19:56

A friend came home from school today and asked if I knew anything about genetically engineered lettuce in which peanut genes are used to benefit lettuce production. His teacher had said persons allergic to peanuts might be affected by such plants. I Googled with no particular joy. Does anyone know of anyone whose had an allergic reaction to a genetically changed previously benign food? Or if not why not?

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By JenniferKSwan on Wed, 09-13-06, 23:21

I have not heard about this lettuce, but I'm avoiding genetically engineered, modified and irriadated food in general. If it helps, this is how you can tell if your produce is organic, genetically modified or standard by looking at the PLU code

Standard 4 digit code is conventionally grown produce

PLU codes prefaced by 8 (5 digits total) are genetically modified

PLU codes prefaced by 9 (5 digits total) is organic produce

Wish they would just quit playing with our food - has me wondering if that is why they have to play around finding a solution for nut allergies!

Mommy to Aiden (1/26/05) PA,wheat,barley,soy,egg and others yet to be discovered and Connor (7/21/06) with possible egg allergy

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By Steve62 on Thu, 09-14-06, 00:59

Thanks for the information. Wow, your kids are young. I just turned 65 and my mother still talks about what fun it was learning WHAT ELSE I was allergic too. My three siblings could eat anything.

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By saknjmom on Wed, 01-03-07, 16:50

You'll be happy to hear about meat hitting the market from cloned animals. they do not have to label them as coming from cloned animals either....

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