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Travelling to Italy and worried about possibility of Lupin reaction

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By beagle on Tue, 03-17-09, 10:51

Hi, we are off to Rome for 2 weeks in June. Have just read some pretty disturbing articles regarding the prevalent use of lupin flour in Italy for bread and pasta. Currently we are living in Singapore and our allergist cannot test for lupin as we cannot source any. I have contacted the Australian Lupin board but they have refused to send me a sample when I explained why I needed it (before this they seemed more than willing - go figure!) Just wondering if anyone who has travelled to Italy (with a severe nut allergy)has reacted to bread or pasta. We chose to go to Rome as we were looking forward to our son have an enjoyable food experience (he loves pasta and bread).

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By sidni on Tue, 03-17-09, 16:17

If you are concerned about it, just add it to your allergy card. Or, if you're comfortable with Italian, at least ask your servers and/or read your labels to make sure there is none in the actual dish. That said, most bread and pasta in Italy does not contain this although some does. I will be in Italy for a month and a half this spring and will be avoiding Lupine as a precaution as I don't have the chance to be tested now either. I bet he will be fine with all the delicious food and so many options. Good luck!!!

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By Jsiciliano on Sun, 07-13-14, 18:26

How easy was it for you to avoid it? Is it common in a lot of breads and pastas? I also read some disturbing articles and im leaving for Europe in 2 weeks. I had a mild panic attack about it yesterday. Is it easy to avoid?

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By mcdowdon on Sun, 06-14-15, 03:18

My daughter leaves in less than 2 weeks for Italy and we recently found out about lupin allergies. She has a peanut allergy. Could you tell me about your trip and what you encountered?

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