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South America + Antarctica Cruise -- Just returned

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By nzmum on Fri, 02-13-09, 00:20

We have just returned from spending two months in South America with PA daughter. Also cruised with Celebrity and Princess over that period. All blissfully uneventful -- no issues at all with the allergy/avoiding nuts. Happy to answer any questions from those seriously considering travel to South America. I am on this board approx weekly so may take a bit of time to respond, but will reply.

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By mikes on Sat, 08-22-09, 10:43

That journey would be great due to the Alaska Cruises as they are the best and luxurious cruises I have ever seen. They are best cruise providers and I am witness of that.

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By cpeterson6 on Mon, 06-21-10, 23:36

nzmum, I realize this is a pretty old post but I just sent you a message re: South America. Thanks so much for offering to talk about it!

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