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Princess and Celebrity Cruises with Peanut Allergy

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By nzmum on Fri, 02-13-09, 00:48

Have just returned from our 4th cruise with Princess and 1st with Celebrity with peanut allergic ten year od (also allergic to tree nuts). Absoulutly no problems avoiding nuts on either ship, and found staff excellent and very understanding and accomodating in this regard. My daughter remarked how "nice it is to feel normal!"

We notified both cruise lines in advance of our travel that we were travelling with a child with peanut allergy. Princess (as always) provided us each evening with a copy of the next day's menus, from which I ordered her dinner for the following day. She was unrestricted in terms of what she could order -- if she wanted something but it came made with nuts, they'd make her her own nut free version. Even made her her own separate cheesecake!
Celebrity did not have us order for her in advance, and just had the meals prepared as and when ordered.

All dining room staff seemed well informed about her allergy/risk and were proactive in helping us manage this.

Celebrity was also great re helping to manage the nut allergy, with the exception of the buffet staff, who seemed slightly less informed about actual ingredient content etc and needed to call a supervisor to answer my questions. All handled beautifully though, without any fuss or bother.

Both ships public areas and dining rooms/buffets were kept meticulously clean and we had no concerns re cross contamination etc.

Princess does make wonderful chocolate chip cookies and occasionally does a peanut butter version of the same, so care needs to be taken with this particular buffet treat (they are the BEST choco chip cookies -- hopelessly addictive). Once informed of my daughter's allergy/cross contamination risk with the PB cookies, Princess made a separate batch for my daughter and put these aside for her each day, so all she had to do was ask for them.

Special mention to Celebrity for organising a separate little nut free food station at their midnight chocolate buffet. They put out fruit kebabs and had a chocolate fountain, so she could dip her fruit in chocolate. Very very thoughtful of Celebrity to do this, and very much appreciated. So often peanut allergic kids are restricted from participating in special events/occasions on account of the nut risk, and she was absolutely delighted to be able to pig out on chocolate with the rest of us (was very difficult getting her to bed afterwards though!)

Both Kids Clubs were very familiar with nut allergies and require parents of allergic children to carry a pager in case of emergency (provided at no charge). Both Kids Clubs do not allow any food or drink in their facilities, and any meals prepared for Kids Club activities (ie pizza party, ice cream parties, etc) are prepared in a separate nut free area of the ships' kitchens.

Celebrity does not allow parents of children with nut allergies to go ashore and leave the child in Kids Club, as they say they have no means of contacting you in an emergency. Princess was happy for me to go ashore and leave her in Kids Club.

I would have no hesitation in taking my daughter on either Princess or Celebrity again in the future.

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By worriedseattlemom on Tue, 02-24-09, 20:37

Thank you so much for your post. I took my 4 year old PA child on NCL this last Fall to Alaska and they were terrible!! I would not recommend them AT ALL. We really want to cruise again so I'm grateful to know that Princess and Celebrity were so accomodating. Thankfully I had brought a suitcase full of snacks and non-perishable food with me (my DH thought I was crazy!) and we went through everything. I think we were very lucky she did not have any reactions on the ship beyond one mild incident of hives.

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By markus on Fri, 05-08-09, 15:21

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By tomlin on Sat, 08-14-10, 07:22

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By Mrsdocrse on Sat, 07-31-10, 12:06

This is a great post... I have been on Disney Cruise a few years ago with my son with a peanut allergy. They were also excellent. Every night the head of the Dinning room would come to our table and tell us what was safe for my son. They also made special nut free desserts for him as well. If we went to the buffet they said just ask a staff memeber to prepare something special and they will.

Disney world stay was equally accomodating in the restaurants in the park.....

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By Brody21 on Thu, 08-12-10, 14:57

Fantastic to hear! this definitely sounds like something I will have to try because having food allergies can be rough especially on vacation. But all in all sounds nice. I just hope that it is a cheap cruise!

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By Michelyne Callan on Fri, 08-20-10, 08:17

We also just took a cruise this summer on The Grand Princess from Southampton, England, though to Spain, Italy, France and Gibraltar for 14 days. We have a teenage son who has severe nut allergies. When we booked, we informed them of the allergy situation, and they accomodated our requests for making sure all meals eaten in the dining room would be safe for our son. The staff were excellent. By the third or fourth day, most of the wait staff knew our son and were eager to help him make sure what he ordered and ate was safe for him. I would definitely take another Princess Cruise based on their ability and knowledge of food allergies!

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By mariaanderson on Thu, 08-26-10, 07:56

To me the best part of a caribbean cruises isn't even the destination but the actual cruise itself. There's nothing quite like sailing the ocean calm.

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By Michelyne Callan on Thu, 08-26-10, 08:05

Comment # 7 above by mariaanderson seems to be an advertisement as it has no comment on nut allergies and it has a clickable link to carribean cruiselines. Could one of the administrators look after this posting please? Thanks. If I'm wrong perhaps mariaanderson could elaborate on her experiences with nut allergies and this cruise line.

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