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Peanuts on planes

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By JJ2010 on Thu, 09-09-10, 18:21

Passengers peeved about peanuts on planes
The No. 1 suggestion from air travelers on ways to enhance passenger protections? Ban peanuts on planes.


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By ses1978 on Fri, 09-10-10, 15:50

I honestly didn't know airlines still had peanuts. I flew American a while back and they didn't do peanuts. They served pretzels. Of course it's funny now to me because now I'm allergic to wheat in addition to peanuts so I'd be stuck1

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By cervonil on Fri, 09-10-10, 21:18

What's so funny to me about this is if the airlines just did it no one would even care and most people wouldn't even notice. But b/c it is being discussed people are in an uproar "WHAT?? NO PEANUTS ON MY 2 HOUR FLIGHT?? HOW DARE YOU?" I mean seriously, aren't there more important things in life than fighting for a tiny bag of peanuts.

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