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Paris with PA -- Tricky to manage

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By nzmum on Fri, 02-13-09, 01:05

I'm on a bit of a roll now with my travel posts.... We love to travel and try not to let the peanut allergy limit our adventures in this regard. We have rarely had problems iwth the peanut allergy when travelling, except for in Paris of all places, and so I thought I should mention that Paris with peanut allergy is actually a bit difficult.

The majority of the restaurants in Paris seem to cook with peanut oil, for some reason -- the last thing I expected really. As we were there for a week, we basically just ate at Italian restaurants, with the occasional fondue meal when we got sick of eating pizza and pasta.

Bakeries/patisserie were full of nuts and so the cross contamination risk we felt was too high.

Still a great city, just a bit tricky with the nut allergy.

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By JN on Fri, 02-13-09, 01:58

Hi. I went with my brother and stayed in Paris for 10 days about 2 years ago. I do agree that it was very difficult. I was able to eat Quiche in some places so I did get a little bit of the Parisian flavor. I did feel that the waiters in restaurants were able to understand the severity of the allergy even when explained in English so we had no problem there but we did have to leave a few restaurants after the chef recommended that it would be difficult to avoid any peanuts/legumes.

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By sidni on Sun, 02-14-10, 17:44

This is so disappointing to hear. I intend to go to France in the next year or so-- I speak French, so that will make interrogating the restaurant staff easier :) I'm so surprised they use so much peanut oil there, as here in Québec, it is quite uncommon in French food.

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