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Oregon - Portland area?

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By sidni on Sun, 02-14-10, 17:42

Does anyone know any nut-free or nut-allergy friendly restaurants, bakeries, products, etc in Portland? Any resources? I can't find ANYTHING at all nut-free (although lots of gluten free and vegan-- sadly this often means nuts!)... Wondering if I'll have to open my own business! :)

My long-time boyfriend and I are thinking of moving at the end of the summer and I'm awfully spoiled here in Montréal with nut free restaurants, bakeries, and the great Canadian labeling...

If anyone knows anything about nut-allergy PDX, please let me now! I don't know where else to post this, so I hope the travel section is ok.

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By ser242 on Mon, 06-21-10, 21:26

I've lived in Portland for two years now, and have a severe peanut, nut, and sesame allergy. I know of NO restaurants, bakeries, or local lines of products that are nut-free, unfortunately.

Portland as a food culture is very in-tune to gluten-free and animal-free products. Supporting vegan culture oftentimes means adding nut and seed products for protein, I've found. I've discovered them lurking on pizza, in tomato-based BBQ sauce, and in various other "when do you ever put nuts in this?" foods. You've got to be more careful than usual when dining out here.

Let me know if you've moved yet -- we can compare notes!

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By mmg on Wed, 06-23-10, 08:25

I was just in Portland and had an awesome dinner (including dessert!) at Andina. Also ate at an Italian restaurant in the Pearl district and of course drank way too much Stumptown coffee


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By MimiM on Tue, 03-15-11, 21:12

We are going to Portland in June and are looking for a nice restaurant to go to with my family. I just lookied up Andina and they have a chicken dish that is cooked in a peanut sauce. We won't be going there. :(

Anyone have any recent suggestions for Portland, Oregon?

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By BREN9311 on Mon, 04-23-12, 18:22

My son is opening a new bakery/smoothie shop in Battle Ground Village (Battle Ground Washington) called Swingtown Smoothies and Bakery. His intention is to be nut-free. Should be opened by mid May 2012. check it out on facebook.

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