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Ocean City, Maryland

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By Andres Mom on Mon, 06-28-10, 22:06

My family, including my 10 year old son with peanut allergy, will be vacationing for two weeks in Ocean City, Maryland. This is our first time visiting OC and I would love to find some restaurants and treats (i.e., Italian ice and that sort of thing) that will be safe for Andre. I have done a search here and most of the posts I've found regarding Ocean City are pretty old. I wondered whether anyone has had recent experience there and can recommend restaurants or places on the boardwalk that might be safe. I will also post this on the Restaurants board.

Many thanks!

Andre's Mom

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By chickenyeah on Fri, 07-16-10, 01:23

I hope this gets to you in time for your visit. We live close to ocean city and visit often. I have a son with a pa/ta allergy, here are my favorites:

Seacrets: very good about the allergy precautions. They have some nuts on salads there but it is all prepared in a separate location. Wear your suits, bring a couple of beach toys during the day for lunch with your kids. Evening in the summer is not really the best atmosphere for kids.

Fish Tales: great place to bring kids, there is a playground right at the restaurant. They do serve those little sealed smuckers uncrustables but otherwise we have not had an issue with the food.

Green Turtle: we eat there all the time. Again, nuts on salads but so far we have had all very knowledgeable servers and never a reaction.

There are also all the chains you could imagine, Outback, Ruth Chris, Ledo Pizza, Rita's Ice, Carrabas.

We almost never eat on the boardwalk, just too risky in my opinion. Good luck and have fun!

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By Andres Mom on Sun, 07-18-10, 14:21

Thank you so much for all these great suggestions! I've contacted a few restaurants in the area and all have told me we shouldn't eat there, so I'm relieved to have these recommendations from you. We head to OC at the end of August, so if anyone else has suggestions, please let me know.

Thanks again!

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