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North Conway NH

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By sharonls on Sun, 08-15-10, 21:38

Hi all-
Its been awhile since I have visited here, I even forgot my log in info!
We are traveling to North Conway next week and I am looking for any info or experiences you have had there.
My son is allergic to all nuts.

We will have a kitchen, but of course would love to eat out.


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By Mrsdocrse on Tue, 08-17-10, 07:42

Hi There!

Love North Conway. When we visit, there is a restaurant that we love that is great with allergies. I do not believe that they have any peanut products at all. They are allergy aware. They have a statement right on the menue to tell server about any allergies. It is the Red Fox Bar and grill. Rt. 16 just past story land. Great place for families. We go up there every year and every year we eat there at least 1 or 2 times.
good luck! let me know if you go!

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