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Las Vegas

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By cats4me on Sun, 05-24-09, 17:44

We'll be traveling to Las Vegas in a few weeks. I plan on making my own breakfasts, lunches and snacks. Does anyone have any suggestions for dinners? I should probably avoid the large hotel restaurants, since I think they'd be especially chaotic. I haven't eaten out since finding out about my peanut allergy...and I'm scared! But, I'm not going to send my family out to dinner without me!

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By BestAllergySites on Sun, 05-24-09, 21:37

cats4me-I just realized you are an adult living with food allergies and have updated my recent answers to your questions.

I'm sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis-I know it can be a hard and frustrating thing.

You can however eat out safely with precautions.

First off-and I'm sure you know this-you should alert the server to your allergies before even ordering. Tell them to also tell the chef. Ask/explain to them-if you also want them to cook your meal in a clean dish. When you receive your food, double ck with the server the allergens you told him. Make sure you have your epi pen on hand. It also helps to eat earlier in the evening as the kitchen will be less busy.

Stick to foods that should otherwise be safe. For peanut allergy I find most basic pasta dishes (ck about red and other sauces), grilled foods, steamed foods, etc are reasonably safe.

Following is a great website that lists restaurants that other patrons have found helpful with food allergies. I'm attaching a link to the las vegas section. Hope it helps you find some good restaurants.


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By worriedseattlemom on Thu, 02-24-11, 21:50

This is an old thread but thought I'd chime in for anyone who is going to Vegas with PA. I always get nervous going to unknown restaurants but had a really positive experience in Vegas. Servers all seemed very knowledgable about food allergies and we had no issues.

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By Echo27 on Fri, 08-12-11, 01:48

Finding out that you have a food allergy is terrifying at first. Eventually you will find what your particular comfort zone is and life will get a little easier. My best advice is to always ask a lot of questions and if you feel at all uncomfortable, leave. Trust your gut.

That said, I have had wonderful luck in Vegas (just not in the casinos! ha ha). The Range Steakhouse at Harrah's was absolutely wonderful. They sent the chef out to speak to me and he was so attentive. I felt absolutely safe. I also like Mon Ami Gabi. Fellini in the Stratosphere didn't have any peanuts at all when I was there, so I felt super comfortable. The best had to be Wynn though. The head of food service there emailed me personally after I emailed them with questions. He checked with every single restaurant on site and gave me a list of those that didn't have peanuts. He was amazing. I don't have the list anymore otherwise I would share (and I don't know if the information would still be current anyway).

I say go and have a good time. Do what makes you comfortable and get home safe!

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By jj2240 on Tue, 09-04-12, 18:08

I second Mon Ami Gabi. They are great with food allergies, the waitress told me all of the restaurants in the Lettuce Entertain You (LEYE.com) company were as well.

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By lotus32 on Thu, 09-06-12, 10:17

Las Vegas is a great place where you can go and spend your vacations. I have to go there in October and spend a week there without my family. There are many good reputed hotels and restaurants where you can eat without any problem. One of friend told me about some vegan hotels and I usually used theses hotels during travel abroad.

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By robertos on Mon, 06-24-13, 10:50

Whether you are looking for causal, fine or family style dining, there are plenty of restaurant in Las Vegas to give you what you need. Of course, the quality of food varies from one restaurant to another so you might want to look at the Las Vegas restaurants ratings to make sure you get what you want. http://www.24hourvegasfood.com/

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