Just want a simple nut/peanut-free cake at Disney World

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By ElleMo on Thu, 05-06-10, 14:18

This Sept. will be my family's third trip to Disney World and we will be there on my daughter's 9th birthday. We are trying to get a cake for her birthday. The only option that we have is a cake made from a Namaste mix, which has no wheat or dairy. Jessica's allergies are to peanuts, other legumes and tree nuts. I applaud all that Disney does to keep children with allergies safe and appreciate the difficulty of catering to a large number of people with multiple food allergies.  However, my daughter is used to traditionally prepared cakes. A Namaste cake would be a waste of money since no one would eat it and --my daughter being the emotional and sensitive kid that she is-- would ruin her birthday. She has tried all sorts of snacks (Enjoy Life etc.) that are wheat free and she does not like them.

I have spoken to the "cake hotline" and they have been no help. I am in contact with the special dietary person, but so far they are not much help either.

Anyone have suggestions? As a last resort, I can bring something into the park but it cannot need refrigeration and it must be something that I can either carry on the plane or have delivered and that does not require refrigeration.



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By tnelson on Mon, 05-10-10, 18:07

Do you have a particular place in mind for the birthday meal? Each restaurant in Disney has their own access to nut-free cakes. Call the chef of the restaurant you are going to directly.
Our experience with Disney has always been great.

As an aside, the namaste cakes are fantastic. I serve them all the time and my family does not know they are eating gluten-free.

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By diannekrupa on Mon, 05-10-10, 18:09

Hi Ellen, I live in Orlando. You might want to contact Shelly with Libertybakeryonline. They are wheat/gluten/egg free also. They are local here. If they can't accomodate only peanut free, they may be able to give you some other contacts who can. Should I come across someone who may be able to help, I will post an update.


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