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Hotel Precautions?

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By marymattie on Tue, 07-28-09, 23:46

Do I need to take any precautions before staying at a hotel with my son who is allergic to peanuts? Should I talk with the manager or is that overkill?

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By jenniferbfab on Wed, 07-29-09, 02:09

We travel every summer to visit family and stay in a different hotel almost every year. We have never had a problem with hotel rooms.

Anyone who knows me will tell you I tend to be uber-conservative when it comes to the peanut allergy aspect of things, but my 2 cents are that it is overkill to talk to the hotel manager. If it would make you feel better, however, I think you should go ahead and do it. There is a learning curve to living with food allergies, and everyone has different comfort levels. Don't hesitate to do what you think you must do to protect your child!

Take care,
Jennifer B

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By kaiam on Tue, 08-18-09, 03:49

This may be over the top, but when we have stayed in hotels and my son is going to be eating a lot in the room, we pack a plastic table cloth and throw that over the table.

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By pasonj on Sun, 10-25-09, 16:54

Our experience with hotels:

When staying at a hotel that has an onsite restaurant we always take a look at the menu to see if they cook with nuts. If so, we request a room as far from the restaurant as possible, usually on the opposite side of the hotel. This puts our mind at ease as to airborne reactions.

Also, unusual experience but worth mentioning. We stayed at a hotel that offered complimentary nuts in the room. We walked in to find several packages of nuts in a basket to welcome the guests. We took the packages to the front desk and were met with apologetic staff. No harm done, however, had our son been younger and we hadn't noticed the packages first, could have been a different outcome.

Kaiam, not over the top at all in my opinion. We are very careful, wiping down all surfaces and having PA son only eat on surfaces that we have covered with a place mat. Safer that way. If you are interested, our company Nutrition for your Condition has launched a cooking kit that helps with hotel travel, see www.nutritionforyourcondition.com

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