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Good experience with Catalonia Resort in PuntaCana (DR)

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By huyntru on Tue, 04-14-09, 02:10

Last month my 9 year old PA (and nuts and dairy)son went for the first time to an All inclusive Caribean resort.
We have chosen PuntaCana because of its international hospital in the resort area.
My son ate exclusively at the main Buffet and the kitchen staff was quite helpful.
I've prepared an allergy information sheet in Spanish just in case. After a few attemps to explain it to the waitress, I decided to talk to the kitchen chief (Joseph Gonzalez)whose English was pretty good.
He was fully awared of the issue and advised us about items that my son can eat safely. When not sure, he went to the kitchen and brought back the container so we can read the ingredients together !
My son really enjoyed food from the grill stations (chicken, beef, pork, fish) mixed with rice or pasta or potatoes.
He then added fresh vegetables and fresh fruits as dessert. Pretty healthy and boring stuffs but he has no choice !
For breakfast he would have cereal or bread and fresh fruits most of the time.
We stayed away from cakes and anything with sauce since the ingredients would be too hard to trace.
Overall it was a wonderful and relaxing trip .
We vowed to do it again next year (another resort maybe).

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