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Eating Safely in New Orleans

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By mcbunner on Thu, 03-15-12, 06:59

Nothing stresses me out like having to vet restaurants for my severely PA son. Our family just returned from a 5 day trip to New Orleans and I spent quite some time researching restaurants to find places where he could eat safely. Hopefully, this list will prove useful to someone else who finds themselves in the Big Easy with a PA to accommodate!

Cafe du Monde - This famous beignet and coffee stand uses cottonseed oil exclusively.

Brennan's - Brennan's can be pricey, but they are peanut-free. They frequently accommodate food allergies. My son was even able to have dessert...Bananas Foster.

The Court of Two Sisters - Not only is this restaurant peanut-free, but they emailed me a detailed list of the foods and ingredients on their famous jazz brunch buffet!

River's Edge - The food is mediocre, but safe!

Napoleon House

Dickie Brennan's Steak House

The Gumbo Shop - best gumbo in New Orleans

Angeli's on Decatur - inexpensive and open late!

Cafe Giovanni

Acme Oyster House

Just a reminder, always double check with the kitchen manager - sometimes ingredients, menus, or suppliers change.

Have a great time in the Big Easy!

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By Jreilly2 on Sat, 03-28-15, 00:25

Thank you sooooo very much for this post. We are heading to New Orleans tomorrow and very anxious about our 10 yr old son's PA. I will pay it forward!!

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