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Does anyone plan to travel before March 2012?

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By iansmommyTay on Mon, 08-15-11, 10:20

Hey everybody!! I just found this great deal; $100 worth of hotel funds for just $50. I checked it out and while you do have to go through the “Travelocity incentive site” to confirm a 2-night booking the prices were actually quite a bit lower then we recently paid. We just stayed at a hotel in California (for my son’s entry into a clinical trial OIT study, to hopefully handle his class 5 peanut allergy) and it cost us $120 two weeks back and through their site the same exact hotel is now showing at only $74 and that’s BEFORE the discount card is used. It looks like their are no hidden costs or exclusions other then using their site to book.
So if anyone out there is looking to travel before March 2012 getting and using one of these gift cards for your family is a great way to go. We are searching ways to add up airplane flights/hotels to help cover our 8-year-old son Ian’s upcoming-ongoing medical travel (…though I’d crawl the 700 miles if I had to) so if you decide to purchase and use this referral link (below) to sign up it would really help us out. Thanks and best wishes!!!

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