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Charleston, South Carolina

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By Elldale on Sun, 07-11-10, 03:03

I just read something about South Carolina's famous snack is boled peanuts. Apparently these are sold at street stands? ur daughter has a PA & we were thinking of a week holiday at Folly Beach/Charleston. How are the restaurants for peanut allergies? How prevalent are the street stands selling peanuts?

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By Zachnunes on Thu, 07-15-10, 06:00


I have travelled down south on many occasions and yes they do have boiled peanuts. However, The USA as a very great understanding of peanut allergies, and you can easily avoid peanuts. The peanuts in the south are usually easy to spot (jar of boiled peanuts) and are almostnever hidden in the food (rarely do they use peanut oil, but always ask).

Overall as long as you ask they will give you an answer and will understand about PA.

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