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Best Countries to Go To

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By YHF on Sat, 07-10-10, 21:21


I am new to the forums. I am 21 and want to travel but my family is very nervous. I was wondering if anyone with a peanut allergy has traveled anywhere (namely in Europe) that is pretty safe in terms of food. I would love to go to Italy but I recently heard Scandanavia is also a fun trip. I understand that most people they are extremely fluent in English, which would obviously be helpful.

Any suggestions/tips would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot.

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By Zachnunes on Thu, 07-15-10, 06:06

Hey I have been many places. Please don't let your PA dictate where you travel. I have been around Asia which has a ton of peanuts but survive easily.

However if you want the most worry free vacation here are some places I have been.

Germany, Austria - Food is very safe, English is wonderful everywhere. See the alps and historic cites. I have had no issues there, and people understood PA.

Japan - If you want to see Asia but are scared of the peanuts go to Japan. Japan uses almost no peanuts, and I don't think a single place even uses peanut oil. You will love Japan!

Italy - What a great country with some amazing history and food. Most of which has no nuts (except some desserts but you can always skip dessert). In all the main cities their english is pretty good.

Greece - Great English and the best food in Europe. Also almost not a single peanut in sight. They use walnuts in some desserts.

Again do not let your Allergy restrict you. You can safely eat anywhere in the world with a little know how.

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By hansola on Tue, 12-27-11, 00:05

I regularly travel to Europe and just recently went to Austria, Switzerland and Luxemburg. THEY HAVE NO CLUE about nut allergies OR issues of cross-contamination. They may not use peanut oil but they do use all varieties of nuts and offer no disclaimers. If you want to go someplace outside the US or Canada, Mexico and Australia are your best bets. Cruise lines will also do their best to accommodate one.

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By AllNuts on Fri, 03-02-12, 21:32

1st post ever. Someone mentioned LUPINE (legume) ground into flour abroad if I understood it correctly. THAT scares me. Does anyone know more about this LUPINE thing? Hidden legumes would be deadly. 2 kids with Peanut, tree nut, soy, all peas, beans. Need a vacation with LESS stress

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By No Nuts Please on Tue, 07-10-12, 18:17

I have found avoiding nuts in Europe very manageable. I take the same precautions that I would in the U.S. including reading food labels and not eating unfamiliar dessert. For most nut allergy intents and purposes, Europe is about the same as the U.S.

Central America is even better for travel free from nut allergy worries. I lived there for a good chunk of time with no problems.

Be careful with Turkey and the Middle East. I had a terrible time with the food when I lived in Istanbul. I have had issues with other Middle Eastern food too. I am allergic to pine nuts, which make a regular appearance in rice pilaf and meat balls/patties (kofte). Dessert in Turkey or the Middle East really is off limits if you have a nut allergy.

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