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American Airlines

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By larkd on Fri, 08-19-11, 22:50

I recently traveled on American Airlines. Although they don't give out peanuts, they sell them. When I told the flight attendant that I was allergic, he shrugged and walked off. I then told the other attendant who said that as long as I had my epipen they had nothing to worry about. When I got home, I emailed American Airlines. Here is their bullshit response. My question, they are proud that they don't "serve" peanuts, but offer them for sale? How responsible is that?

"Thank you for contacting us about the issue concerning a severe allergy to nuts as it
relates to airline travel and inflight food service.

We have read your email, and we share your concerns regarding the insensitive behavior
on the part of our personnel. We expect our employees to be courteous and helpful at
all times and especially in situations such as you described. Please accept my
sincere apology.

Furthermore, we know that serious food allergies can cause much concern for our
customers who suffer from them. For some time, we stopped serving nuts in the main
cabin but continued to offer our first class and business class customers warm mixed
nuts. Now, however, there are some nut items contained in the food for purchase
boxes being offered in the main cabin. Further, it is not our policy to make inflight
announcements asking customers not to consume nuts or foods with nut products.
Accordingly, we strongly advise customers with food allergies to consider the
possibility of exposure and take the necessary precautions.

All of us here at American Airlines are committed to ensuring all our customers are
comfortable and enjoy pleasant and trouble-free flights. We make every effort to
provide applicable information and assistance to our customers with special needs. In
fact, although our reservation personnel are trained to answer questions and make
routine arrangements for our customers requiring a certain degree of assistance when
traveling, we also have an exclusive team of specialists to assist our customer with
special needs. These specially trained reservation agents (Special Assistance
Coordinators) make the necessary arrangements to ensure that travel is comfortable for
our customer with special needs. It may be helpful to speak with one of our Special
Assistance Coordinators before your next trip with us. They can be reached via our
toll-free number at 1-800-433-7300 or by calling your local reservations number for
American Airlines.

Ms. Downs, we look forward to welcoming you aboard again soon."

not in this life time.

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