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Support groups in Corpus Christi (South) Texas??

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By telg1980 on Mon, 01-17-11, 16:27

Hello...my son is 5 years old and has a severe peanut allergy. Anyone else in my area?!? (I know you're out there somewhere!! :-) )I attempted to start a group a couple years ago, passing out flyers to Pediatric Allergist's and so forth but never received any calls!!!



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By jupitergrrl on Sun, 02-13-11, 03:00

We are moving to Corpus Christi in a few months and I would love to join a group! My 3 yr old is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, egg and soy. And is anaphalactic to the peanut and egg.

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By telg1980 on Mon, 02-14-11, 14:30

Well we can be a group of two lol!! Ive tried the whole support group thing here and didnt have any luck. I know there are parents of toddlers with peanut allergies here, but unfortunatly I dont think some of them understand the severity of it!!

So where are you guys moving here from??

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