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Trunk or Treat at school

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By watchfulmomma on Fri, 10-08-10, 03:57

Ok here goes this may be a little over the top.. Just wanna get some opinions.. My daughter has a severe peanut allergy. The school she attends is relativley small, she has a 504, and we have managed school and allergies well over the past couple of years.
This year for Halloween the school is doing a trunk or treat kind of thing in the parking lot. ( this is where people in the community set up and give out candy from their cars and they can be decorated and that kind of thing alot of the churches in our area have been doing this for years instead of the normal door to door stuff.) They will also have games and that type of thing set up to play.
Anyway after some disscusion my husband and I decided our daughter shouldnt attend this event. She of course was very disappointed but I really just dont feel as though it will be safe with all these kids running around eating candy. Then playig games touching everything ect.
Here is my big question will it be safe for my daughter to go back to school and play on the playground the next day after this event? I am sure these kids that I am imagining with reece cups smeared all over their hands and face are gonna end up on the playground at some point while they are there... is this event going to create a minefield for my daughter or am I overreacting??

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By cervonil on Fri, 10-08-10, 08:25

This is a worry for all of us parents. Has she ever had a reaction just to touching PB? I am trying to get to the point in my mind that while Carter has severe anaphylactic reactions it has only been from ingestion. So I would attend the trunk or treat, and just make sure to bring wipes and wipe her hands periodically during the vent and especially wash before eating.

As for the playground, I read somewhere where they tested schools -the tables, playground, water fountain, door handles etc and there was hardly any peanut butter protein found on that stuff. I wish I could remember specifics. I think she'll be fine as long as she makes sure to always wash her hands before she eats. And maybe mention to her teacher your concerns and to keep a special eye on her out there that day for any type of reaction.

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By zeena2 on Fri, 10-08-10, 22:20

I think regardless of whether they have a trunk or treat, there is always a chance the playground equipment could have residue from peanuts/peanut butter. Don't some of the children eat pbj sandwiches for lunch? I've always taught my daughter to no matter what never put your hands in your mouth. You never know who touched what you just touched and what they might have eaten before they touched it. She always washes her hands before eating. Even now that she's a teenager, she still stops at the bathroom before lunch to wash her hands. Our school, also, has had trunk or treats for several years. We never attended since my daughter cannot eat the candy.

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By B3K on Sat, 10-09-10, 00:35

would it be possible for the school to add that there is a child with severe peanut allergy and please do not pass our candy with peanuts or peanut butter in them onto the paper that would get sent home with all of the other information about the event ( like date, time...)?

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By ses1978 on Sat, 10-09-10, 16:39

I'm with the comment above. If other parents could be advised, then it might be possible that they could be encouraged to not bring anything with peanuts or peanut butter. I'm also with the comment about unless the child has ever reacted from touching the stuff, then the concerns might be over the top. I am allergic to peanuts to the point that just smelling someone eat anything containing anything derived from peanuts makes me asthmatic. But it doesn't mean I can't touch the surfaces. And with proper accommodations of peanuts being removed the areas I am located, the whole contact thing doesn't pose an issue to start with.

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By watchfulmomma on Mon, 10-11-10, 03:25

Thanks everyone for your comments. My daughter has had contact reactions in the past.. asking to discourage bringing things with nuts is a good idea but probably to late at this point letters have already been sent home. We have already had some problems with parents who just dont get how serious peanut allergies are... but this would limit the ammount of nuts there. I will suggest this in advance next year.
My daughter has told me that she doesnt even want to go so we are gonna skip it and visit a local pumpkin patch instead.

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By HookwormIsHope on Sun, 10-17-10, 18:02

I don't think you're overreacting. I would just be worried that missing so much school could harm your daughter's grades and attendance; this happenend to me and it wasn't fun. I would suggest asking the school if you could put her on independent study or something like that.

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By GinaG on Sun, 10-17-10, 19:40

What about allowing her to wear gloves? I admit, it's a stretch for my personal comfort level. Our school is PN free (son is contact), and we also attend a smaller school, so we can change thing's when necessary.
Could you attend if you allow her to participate?
As far as the playground equipment etc..a policy you could push for would be, no child eats their candy until they get home. That is a reasonable accommodation. Remember, she is exposed everywhere you go..the grocery store, the playground etc...I am sure she isn't living in a bubble.
I also can't think of a teacher that would want a classroom of kids, all sugared up anyway, or anyone wanting a reaction to happen to your child.

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