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Still not taken seriously

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By Notdroids on Fri, 10-30-09, 16:08

My son is now in middle school, where he eats lunch at a peanut free table. Two weeks ago some kids were throwing peanuts (in the shell) at him and another PA boy at lunch. I went in to speak to the dean of students and he was underwhelmed. I asked him if my son would be expelled for threatening a child with a knife and he said yes. I pointed out that it was the same thing. He agreed without agreeing if you know what I mean. I am thinking of getting an attorney.

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By Michaels Mom on Fri, 10-30-09, 18:09

The world we live in makes me sad sometimes... Angry others... I am so sorry this happened to you and your son.

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By millsboy911 on Fri, 10-30-09, 18:49

That is assault in any jurisdiction: those kids intended to frighten & harm him by throwing the peanuts, your son would honestly have been afraid for his life, and that reaction was reasonable. Tell the principal you'll speak to the prosecutor in your town. If not, tell him an attorney would be HAPPY to take this tort case.
All my best,
mom to PA 2 yr old

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By Notdroids on Sat, 10-31-09, 13:26

My son didn't threaten anyone with a knife, I was just giving an example. He would be in big trouble if he did.

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By millsboy911 on Sat, 10-31-09, 13:56

Dear, the children who threw peanuts at your kid literally assaulted your child and the other PA kid at the table. Of course I understand that your son didn't threaten anyone. Peanuts are deadly to your son and the other child. By throwing the peanuts at them, those other kids assaulted the PAkids. Sorry for the confusion.

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By Notdroids on Mon, 12-21-09, 20:47

Sorry, so upset I couldn't read strait, lol. I called the dean back a week later and he told me that he spoke to the kids, and I son isn't being ostrasized yet. He is such a jerk!! I will be sending a letter to the principal.

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By Rita Rothans on Thu, 09-02-10, 18:41

My daughter removed my granddaughter from school.Because one of her teachers has no concept of food can kill!!! My granddaughter is very bright, is at the top of her class. Yet she is still a 6th grader who should be a care free child unafrade of everything around her! I wish people who do not get it would spend time in a Emergancy Room with a person having a deadly reaction. Watching a person swell up ,have their eyes close, gasping for breath, nose & eyes ruinning. The uncontroled shaking of the body... I guess some people will never get it!!! This is a very scarry enough world for people to be in without being worried the person next to you might pull out his or her NUT PRODUCT!!!and KILL YOU TODAY!!!!!
Not that many people carry guns around. Let alone pull them out in public. OH YA! That would be a crime. It might get someone hurt!!!!!!! Am I not correct?

What is the differance? Please explane???


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By nmainmom on Wed, 09-15-10, 15:41

Rita, sorry to hear about this. You need to get your granddaughters doctor to speak up. I know for public schools there are "action plan" forms that the doctor fills out and the school must comply with. Also, if your granddaughter has a Epi-pen at school becasue of her food allergy. The parents CAN request a 504 plan. This takes a meeting with a principal or administrator to complete. Have your facts written down as it takes a geat while to complet this plan. Also request your granddaugthers doctor write down the severety of the food allergy. Public schools are required to keep each child safe. Have you guys asked for help from the school nurse? Good luck. I understand your fears as my 2nd grader has a severe peanut and tree nut allergy.

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By zeena2 on Tue, 09-14-10, 01:12

I'm sorry that happened to your son. A lot of people don't understand how serious a peanut allergy is.

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By zeena2 on Wed, 09-22-10, 02:18

It's surprising how many people really don't realize how serious food allergies can be. It still shocks when someone tells my daughter to "just pick the nuts off" a treat they are serving. Luckily my daughter knows to never accept or eat any kind of food given to her and especially not anything with peanuts on it or in it. Even as a kindergartener, she would have to explain to adults why she just couldn't pick the nuts off.

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By Kylies Yammaw on Thu, 09-23-10, 19:29

My PA (life threatening) Granddaughter goes to an after school program at her Christian School. They are allowed to eat snacks brought from home upon arrival to the program. About 2 weeks ago, a 4th grader sat at the table next to her (approximately 4 feet away) and told her he wanted to sit next to her and eat his peanut butter crackers because he wanted to see her face blow up. She's a 2nd grader. She told the after school teacher the other child was eating peanut butter crackers and the teacher said "That's ok, he's far enough away from you". She was lucky THIS TIME, but her Mommy told her the next time this happens, take her cell phone out of her back pack and CALL her immediately! Yes, she has a cell phone... with only 3 numbers entered to be used for emergency use only!

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By zeena2 on Sun, 09-26-10, 12:29

She should absolutely call her mom. The teacher obvious doesn't understand the severity of a peanut allergy and why didn't child who threatened her get in any kind of trouble over it. If the child had hit her, he would have been in trouble.

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By HookwormIsHope on Sat, 10-16-10, 22:32

My heart goes out to you and you and your son. When I was in 5th grade (2 years ago) some kid thought it was soo funny that he could throw something deadly at me and started to tear off pieces of his PB&J and tossing them in my direction. I ran to the bathroom to wash my hands and asked someone standing nearby to tell a yard-duty. So she did and this is what the yard-duty said: "She can talk. Tell her to come and tell me." It was terrible. I was in fear of my life and the yard-duty was too lazy to help me. Sometimes I wonder about people. I think you should definately get a lawyer, people need to understand the severity of PA. Well, I certainly hope this works out for you and your son. I've been there and it certainly isn't fun.

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By ses1978 on Mon, 10-25-10, 17:10

I have a hard time fathoming this kind of behavior. What those kids did should have gotten them expelled or at least suspended. It was a literal physical assault and battery. I wish you the best in getting this straightened out.

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By Jennifer-is-always-sick on Sat, 11-06-10, 20:54

Just reading through a few of these stories makes me want to get sick. This is why I literally have had a one on one with my son's teacher to clearly explain to her just how serious I am about this.

The school needs to be scared of you. You need to let them know that they will be held personally responsible for your child's health and welfare on school grounds. The kids who threw peanuts need to be told that they were endangering the lives of the kids at that table. It is possible they aren't aware of it. If they were aware that peanuts can kill, they need to be arrested for attempted murder.

I may sound dramatic to some people, but I'm deadly serious, as this is a deadly serious matter.

As far as the kid sitting next to the girl to see her face blow up, the caregiver should've been more proactive about it instead of "he's far enough away from you". As a parent, I would have had an immediate sit down with that individual to re-discuss the potential severity of the matter and how her relaxed, non-interventionist approach could very well cost my child his life.

Oh, I could go on and on here.

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