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Shopping for preschools - Montessori

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By PANewbie on Thu, 04-15-10, 22:43

I am starting to shop for preschools for my DD, who is allergic to peanuts and eggs.

I was dissapointed when I called the local Montessori, to say the least.

They said they do have other allergic kids enrolled, but didn't do peanut free classrooms for kids with allergies, just alternate snacks. There aren't even peanut free tables.

They seemed unwilling to go peanut free for a child with an allergy, so I stopped asking other questions about cirriculum, etc.

I have since noticed several other stories on the web about similar stories at other Montessori schools.

Are all the Montessori schools like this?

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By BestAllergySites on Fri, 04-16-10, 18:27

Hi PANewbie--I can't vouch for all Montessori schools. While Montessori schools follow a certain way of learning--I've found that they are all different and independent of each other.

Meaning--while some may not be willing to go to extremes with food allergies--some might be. I think it depends upon food allergy education and those at the particular school.

If you are really interested in Montessori (it's not right for all kids) call a few other schools and ask what their food allergy policy is from the get go.

You might also want to look into other schools like the Waldorf schools etc. There are also conventional preschool programs that can be great as well.

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