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School district policy change

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By ethansmom on Mon, 12-07-09, 18:14

I am a mother of a 3-year-old boy with a very severe peanut allergy. I am also working on obtaining my degree in elementary education. I was shocked to discover recently that first aid and cpr were not included as part of my required curriculum! Furthermore, it seems that many teachers are severely uneducated on the dangers of severe food allergies. I would like to see first aid training, cpr, and food allergy awareness all be required for teachers in my district. I am currently working on putting together a group of parents that have children with severe peanut allergies. I have not been able to locate any support groups in my area. I am hoping to rally the support to speak with the school district about making this training mandatory for all schools in our district. I am also trying to obtain a list of the peanut-free public schools in my area, and possibly broach that subject as well. Also, I have yet to find a place that offers food allergy awareness and preparedness classes?? I was just wondering if anyone else had tackled similar obstacles and could offer up any advice. Thanks in advance from a very concerned mom.

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