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Remember to ask your daycare/preschool about after school programs

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By PANewbie on Sat, 09-04-10, 02:51

Just wanted to share. Sorry if you are already aware of this, but....

Most of the peanut-free day cares/preschools I have interviewed also have after school programs for kids in K-6.

Most of those kids come from peanut-free, public elementary schools anyway, but those that don't may be bringing in unsafe products in their lunch box leftovers or snacks.

They are not supposed to eat them or take them out of their backpacks/lunchboxes while at the center, but it does happen from time to time. It seems to be more of a problem around the "candy holidays" (halloween, easter, valentines).

Just something to ask your daycare/preschool about, to find out how the school handles it, and to ensure that the older kids coming from after school programs are in separate classrooms and play areas.

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